Robert Pattinson Spotted at Ojai Cowboy Bar First Time Since Kristen Stewart Scandal

August 06, 2012 02:00:44 GMT

The Edward Cullen of 'Twilight Saga' movie series reportedly hung out in the local bar with a couple of female friends last Friday night, August 3.

Robert Pattinson
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Robert Pattinson was spotted coming out of his hiding Friday night, August 3 for the first time since Kristen Stewart's scandalous cheating with a married director emerged. The British heartthrob was seen clubbing at The Deer Lodge in Ojai, California.

"I've been told by several people that Robert Pattinson was here enjoying the music with his friends. He seemed in good spirits," an employee at the bar told RadarOnline. "I wasn't on that night so I didn't personally see him, but several others did."

The 26-year-old actor, who reportedly hid at his "Water for Elephants" co-star Reese Witherspoon's vacation ranch in Ojai, was there with some girl pals. "He wasn't moping and the girls were definitely just his friend," an eyewitness claimed.

"The girls were drunk and literally danced on the floor," the source added. "The girls were nice. I stood next to them at the bar. He wasn't drunk. Just taking in the scene." A fellow patron tweeted the sighting, "Awesome night in Ojai. Got to hang with a rowdy bunch of Brits & one of them happened to be Edward."

While Robert was in Ojai, Kristen reportedly stayed at Giovanni Agnelli's home. He's the producer of her movie "Welcome to the Rileys" who recently defended her on Twitter. "I'll say right now what the manipulative media isn't saying," he wrote. "Kristen Stewart did not have any type of sex with Rupert Sanders."

"Rob knows Agnelli and has been calling him a lot since Kristen has been there," a different source reportedly told RadarOnline. "He wants to know why Kristen is staying there ... he is super angry now and has accused Giovanni of sleeping with Kristen, too."


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posted by darrel998 on Aug 06, 2012
Did it ever occur to rpatz that kstew may want to stop the lovy dovy and take it to the next level i mean he makes her wait for 4 years to get the gumtion to even try and propose to her maybe she was tryin to let him know that she really wanted him and hed be dumb to not realize hes wastin his life
posted by dbordencow on Aug 06, 2012
why in heaven's name run to the house of a MALE producer-friend?..especially if her issue was having an "indiscretion" with a MALE-director-Sanders. Doesn't she have any sis-female friend,mother, etc. to run to? that leaves A BAD TASTE!
posted by Betty on Aug 06, 2012
I hope and pray that Rob would forgive Kristen after her apology.
posted by Betty on Aug 06, 2012
I hope and pray that Rob forgives Kristen after her apologies.
posted by egwen on Aug 06, 2012
How. Some one that actually cares about what a relationship means. He deserves to be upset because he was actually invested. But a little untalented slut would never understand how to treat a man.
posted by Dreamy on Aug 05, 2012
He's supposedly staying at the Ritz South Beach this week. Was seen @ the beach bar today
posted by Jallard on Aug 05, 2012
Who knows what's truth and what isn't. If I could offer my advice to Rob it would be this: Despite how bad the heart hurts maintain your cool. Stay focused on the job ahead. Do not stoop to Kristin's or Rupert's level.
posted by Dreamy on Aug 05, 2012
Robert is in South Beach Ritz. Saw him there early evening at the beach bar
posted by me on Aug 05, 2012
the whole Giovanni story has been proven yet another false story. more made up crap!
posted by femroc on Aug 05, 2012
I don't believe a WORD of this fake story. They've gone to a lot of trouble to put in details but I'd bet anything he is in London - not Ojai

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