Report: Kristen Stewart Rejected Rupert Sanders' Advances Before Falling for His Charm

August 02, 2012 02:42:47 GMT

It was allegedly the 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director who actively pursued the actress since they worked on the movie together.

Report: Kristen Stewart Rejected Rupert Sanders' Advances Before Falling for His Charm
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A new story surrounding Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders scandal just emerged. It was reported that before succumbing to his seduction, which she regretted, the actress tried to turn down the married director's advances while they were working on "Snow White and the Huntsman".

"Rupert had been infatuated with her since the production, but she always kept it professional because she loved her boyfriend," a source told PEOPLE. "She still does. It only became a flirtation recently, and she was lured into a brief situation that she never wanted."

After Kristen sent him lots of texts and called him many times, Rob reportedly began talking again with her last weekend. Though so, it's unlikely that the British actor forgave her. "Rob just isn't going to be able to get beyond the cheating - one time or not," an insider claimed.

A Kristen source voiced a similar opinion. "I'm not sure they're going to be able to work through this," the source said, "but Rob is all that matters to Kristen right now. She loves him so much. She'd do anything to be able to get through this and be together."

Another report from Us Weekly claimed Robert was upset when reading Kristen's apologetic statement post the affair. "He read it online and was livid that Kristen is out there giving a statement and he's the last person to know about it," a source explained.

Defending the public apology, a different insider said it was her way to punish herself. "Kristen wanted to own up to things, as hard as it was for her to address publicly. She's punishing herself," the source told PEOPLE. "She got caught up in a moment and immediately knew it shouldn't have happened."

Robert escaped to sort out his broken heart in Reese Witherspoon's ranch in Ojai, Calif. after the scandal surfaced, but E! News reported he likely has moved from the house now that his hiding place has leaked. "This has been such a blow to Rob," another source said of how he felt. "Talk about having his heart ripped out."

While people might not see any signs of the scandal, Robert reportedly already noticed something was off with Kristen. "Rob said he suspected something because Kristen is normally very relaxed about her phone ... and she was being really weird lately," a source told Us Weekly. "She reassured him nothing was going on."


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posted by knotmee_too on Aug 02, 2012
Little known reality, there are very few editors anymore.
posted by Jomoe on Aug 02, 2012
Those pictures were hot. So much hotter than her with the gay vampire boy.
posted by knotmee on Aug 02, 2012
"After Kristen sent him lots of texts and called him for many times, Rob reportedly began talking again with her last weekend. " What a horribly constructed sentence. How did that get through both the writer and the editor?
posted by hiyah on Aug 02, 2012
Great! Now she playing the victim card. What other pathetic excuse can her PR team think of next? She's a cheating whore. What else is there to understand?
posted by Albany on Aug 02, 2012
PR or not they can't put anything out there that isn't the truth and that seems to be the truth which by the way totally logical that the 41 year old director was supposed to be the protector on set and respect her young age, her status and his own wife and family.
posted by Tim on Aug 02, 2012
The best picture of two people in love ever.That director is crazy for her.It is not only about sex flaunting.You can see how tender he is towards her.Seen nothing like this with Rob.Rob has a lot to learn.Fame distract him too
posted by KellyK on Aug 02, 2012
Agree with knotme! "...called him FOR many times". Who says that?!
posted by @knotmee on Aug 02, 2012
bullcrap. your own sentence is messed up. "What a horribly constructed sentence." --> it should be "horribly-constructed sentence."
posted by mszenlady on Aug 01, 2012
it sure doesn't seem like she was rejecting 'his' advances in those pictures. she's an adult & she knew what she was doing.
posted by innerjuju on Aug 01, 2012
Sounds like Kristen's PR firm is trying to do damage control.

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