'Big Brother' Star Willie Hantz Explains His Arrest

July 27, 2012 02:03:44 GMT

To his Twitter followers, Willie denies DUI allegations and slams rumor that he resisted when being arrested by cops.

'Big Brother' Star Willie Hantz Explains His Arrest
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"Big Brother" villain Willie Hantz broke his silence on rumors surrounding his recent arrest. The reality TV star denied accusation that he was driving under influence. He also dismissed report that he tried to run from police.

"I wasn't driving. I was sitting in the drivers (sic) seat with the car running. I know stupid," Hantz tweeted to his followers. "Also I didn't run from anyone. I was just moving my car like the cops asked me to. Then they came up and arrested me."

"If I would have ran then I would have been resisting arrest. I don't know where that came from," he continued before angrily replying to one of his followers, "I don't give a f*** what the Internet says. Was the Internet there? No. I DID NOT RUN. I was doing what the cop asked."

To another, Willie wrote, "I'm not 'hurting' I was out drinking with friends! I had a DD with me. I moved my car in a f***ing parking lot! Damn. BFD!" He also posted, "I mean all I can do is laugh it off. Learn from it. Maybe."

Willie was arrested for OWI (operating while intoxicated) in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana on Thursday morning, July 26. He was rumored trying to run when being approached by police and refusing a breathalyzer and a blood test to determine if he's drunk.

Willie was released later that day on $750 bond. "Youre (sic) not famous until you have a mug shot congrats Willie @HantzBB lol," tweeted his big big brother Russell.


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posted by sdreen on Jul 29, 2012
who really freaking cares
posted by beckersme on Jul 28, 2012
Russel is his older brother, they are related. brothers. duh. Yes Willie was in Big Brother and his "older" brother was in Survivor.
posted by girlnamedjake on Jul 27, 2012
His Big Brother Russell is not a Big Brother Member, whatever the hell that means. He was previously a contestant on Survivor. Not exactly a difficult fact to check, guys.

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