NBC Chairman Speaks on Ann Curry's Departure From 'Today'

July 24, 2012 18:38:38 GMT

Robert Greenblatt believed that every show has made some transitions in order to stay on top and Curry happened to suffer from the casualty.

Ann Curry
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During Television Critics Association tour in Beverly Hills, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt addressed the replacement of Ann Curry on "Today". Greenblatt said he had no real involvement with her ousting but his "heart goes out to" her.

"I will say that to be No. 1 for, I don't know, 16 years or something, as that show has been, shows go through transitions and they're always difficult. I think everybody in the news division from what I could tell took as much care as they could make this transition happen," Greenblatt told reporters.

"It's never easy. Things leak and you try to do things respectfully and then you have to go out and announce something you weren't ready to announce," he continued, adding "My heart goes out to all those people, including Ann, and everybody who went through that transition."

Curry was replaced by Savannah Guthrie earlier this month as the new co-host for Matt Lauer. Rumor has it, it was her lack of chemistry with Lauer that led to NBC's decision.

Despite the departure from "Today", Curry is still a big part of the network's news programs. As of late, she was brought back to "Today" to cover the "The Dark Knight Rises" massacre in Aurora, Colorado.


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posted by Sandy on Aug 13, 2012
I agree with the today show. I did not care for Ann myself. She was just to fake. I will still watch the today show.
posted by Stingray on Aug 01, 2012
Yep, I used to watch today show every morning. Not now after they fired Ann. Good Morning America is refreshingly better. Matt sucks...not to mention a cheater with Natalie Morales.
posted by NBC non watcher now on Jul 29, 2012
Used to watch the today show. Do not now because Ann is gone and the show if left with king douche and a wet cat. I used to watch the show even though I hated Matt but now it's torture. Even mentioning his name makes be want to vomit!! I hope king douche loses more hair and teeth...oh wait he's bald already!!! No eye candy for the show. Doesn't the network know most of the viewer are housewives and we find Matt repulsive!! They should have kept Ann and replaced Matt!! That is why NBC suck!!!
posted by GigiMarie1 on Jul 28, 2012
I am so upset that Ann Curry is not on the Today show anymore. My husband and I won't be watching. Now in the mornings we are watching Good Morning America!I hope that GMA keep getting the best ratings!
posted by Douglas on Jul 26, 2012
NBC's Alpha female, Patricia Fili-Krushel, has the Asian hater, Steve Capus, answering to her now. Way to go NBC News! So you're not totally out of touch with reality? Bring back Ann Curry to the Today Show where she belongs. Deep six Matt and Savannah, those twats! GMA, keep doing what you do so well, kill em on the ratings. I'm with you.
posted by MB135 on Jul 25, 2012
Ann Curry was a class act, always professional as well as neat and mannerly. I guess she was a threat to Lauer, he is such a pompous ass! Meredith and Janna are awful!!! They are both so sloppy, they dress awful and shoot from the hip with their behavior . They are so silly.Any time I see their cat-sucked hair,I just have to turn the TV off!!! NBC needs to pay Ann Curry the sum of Matt, Meredith and Janna's salaries and and let them intern for her.They need to be taught poise, proper dress,manners and the professional way to report the news as only Ann Curry could!
posted by Dave on Jul 25, 2012
Is NBC's Robert Greenblatt nuts? Or is Greemblatt a front row student in the class taught by sloppy Steve Capus? Ms. Pat Fili-Krushel: Who advises Greenblatt on his juvenile PR statements? I wish Pat Fili-Krushel would be put in charge of editing Greenblatt's insane verbal vomits! Why would Bob Greenblatt say it's ok to make a rushed, unthought-out brutally-crushing announcement about Ann Curry, and without a respectful send-off? Bob Greenbatt said, "I think everyone inside the news division took as much care as they possibly could during the Today anchor transition." Greenblatt added, "Things leak and you have to go out and announce something that you weren't ready to announce." Greenblatt's own statements PROVE he is a fool!
posted by saera on Jul 24, 2012
I also was a big fan of the today show, I also have not watched it since they lat Ann go and will not watch any of the news from the Olympics, there are many news cast going on about theOlympics, NBC is not the best anymore!!!!!
posted by mike d on Jul 24, 2012
My wife and I have been loyal Today show viewers for over 20 years but NO MORE. And we WILL NOT watch the OLYMPICS on the Today show either. The terrible treatment of Ann Curry and the blaming of her for the ratings decline is unbelievable. TYPICAL CORPORATE IGNORANCE, focus on $ signs and metrics, with no clue of the details like who their audience is. The content of the Today show has declined considerably over the last few years along with the increasingly arrogant and distracted Matt Lauer. Have they watched the show?

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