Comic-Con 2012: 'Sons of Anarchy' Gets Premiere Date, New Sneak Peek and Possibly Prequel

Comic-Con 2012: 'Sons of Anarchy' Gets Premiere Date, New Sneak Peek and Possibly Prequel

Creator Kurt Sutter reveals a surprising hook-up in the season 5 premiere and talks about doing a prequel which will see the formation of SAMCRO.

"Sons of Anarchy" gang hit Comic-Con on Sunday, July 15. In front of thousands of fans packing in Hall H at San Diego Convention Center, it's announced that the fifth season of the show would premiere Tuesday, September 11 at 10/9c on FX.

A new sneak peek was played, showing Jax now taking the lead of SAMCRO, and Clay living alone in a new house and carrying around an oxygen tank. There's a gunfight scene that takes place in the night and a censored scene, which showrunner Kurt Sutter explained, "That was my wife [Katey Sagal's Gemma] getting f***ed from behind by [guest star] Jimmy Smits," who plays an ex-gangsta type who mentors Jax.

In addition to spilling the surprising hook-up, Sutter teased that the new season was about "Jax at the head of that table and what kind of leader he will become." The new leader will begin to empathize with his successor Clay as he experiences how hard it is to run a club.

Clay himself is not going to remain silent now that he's lost everything except his life. "Clay only knows one way, and that is to be on top. He takes a back seat to no one... He has to wonder, 'Why the f**k would you leave me alive? You've gotta know I'm coming back'," Ron Perlman said.

While Tommy Flanagan claimed Chibs was "definitely on Jax's side," Kim Coates admitted his character Tig's loyalty to former leader Clay "is questionable." He explained, "He's totally a wild card now, and the way Kurt has set it up for Tig this year is really, really intense." Opie (Ryan Hurst) has his own issue as he will decide whether he will support Jax and what role he will serve in the club.

There could also be a rift between Gemma and Tara as Sagal confirmed, "Gemma's threatened that Tara might be taking over her position." Sutter went on dishing that the two women would enjoy a "push-and-pull, mother-daughter relationship. It's not a linear arc; it changes from episode-to-episode."

The new season aside, Sutter talked about doing a possible prequel for the biker drama. The series' creator said he had "discussions with the network about doing a prequel of the first nine [Sons members], where we would see the formation of the club."

In addition to the sneak peek debuted at the Comic-Con panel, a clip from the premiere episode has made its way out via Entertainment Weekly. It follows the gang as they get involved in a gunfight after another group stopped a truck they were guiding.



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