Tom Cruise Stands Tall in First Image of 'Jack Reacher'

June 28, 2012 02:52:34 GMT

Rocking a brown leather jacket, the 'Mission: Impossible' actor stands beside a 1970 Chavelle SS on the street of Pittsburgh.

Tom Cruise Stands Tall in First Image of 'Jack Reacher'
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How Tom Cruise would look like in "Jack Reacher" (previously known as "One Shot") has been revealed in a first official still of the movie. Making its way out via Entertainment Weekly, the image shows the husband of Katie Holmes clad in a brown leather jacket while standing on a city street beside a 1970 Chevelle SS.

EW explained that the car in the still is Cruise's "temporary possession," which he "has just battered in an attempt to escape from police who wrongfully suspect him of a murder." The scene itself was filmed in Pittsburgh.

In the thriller that is based on Lee Child's bestselling crime novel, Cruise tackles the titular character, who is a former military homicide investigator. He seeks the truth behind what seems to be an open-and-shut murder case after a trained military sniper is arrested for shooting five random victims.

"Someone asks him at one point in the story about the difference between a military policeman and a regular cop. Reacher points out that [for military police], every suspect is a trained killer," director Christopher McQuarrie said of Cruise's character. "He is free from any sort of anxiety. He is truly not encumbered by all the bulls*** that makes up our daily lives. He literally and figuratively has no baggage."

McQuarrie explained further, "He is an extremely pragmatic, matter-of-fact person. He's very solitary, but he can't walk away from a situation that needs to be made right. His own sense of right and wrong tie into that situation and he can't leave until it's been resolved. That's his Achilles heels."

Also starring Rosamund Pike, David Oyelowo, Richard Jenkins, "Jack Reacher" will open in the U.S. on December 21. In addition to serving behind the lens, McQuarrie works to provide the screenplay.

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posted by MOE on Dec 05, 2012
It's a movie adaptation, "based" on a book by Lee Child. Action movie fans don't read. TC fans will see it and don't care that JR is 6'5". Get over it.
posted by Rikster on Aug 02, 2012
Jack Reacher is 6' 5" tall with a 50-inch chest, and weighing between 210 and 250 pounds. Cruise is 5' 7" and 145 pounds. Cruise as Reacher? What a joke!
posted by tgooose on Jul 03, 2012
I will wait for cable and then there will have to be nothing else on. TC as Reacher, give me a break. Childs must have gone for the $$$ to allow this
posted by Mickey on Jun 29, 2012
"stands tall"? That was ironic right? Because seriously, worst casting ever. Reacher is hulking huge, and his size is integral to his character. It's like getting Cruise to play Andre the Giant.
posted by Bowaca on Jun 28, 2012
How does a 5ft 7 play a 6ft 4 hero ????????
posted by bravo599 on Jun 28, 2012
it's spelled pittsburgh you idiot

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