Channing Tatum Recalls His Real-Life Stripping Nightmares

Channing Tatum

The Mike Martingano of 'Magic Mike' once confused his audience with his clown get-up, and stripped down in front of a family member on his first night of working as a stripper.

Hyping up the upcoming release of his stripper movie "Magic Mike", one of its hunks Channing Tatum shared his experiences from the old days when he's still working as an erotic dancer. Talking to Access Hollywood, he recalled two set-ups that left him mortified.

One was when he's asked to take the stage in a clown outfit. "True story - not making it up," the husband of Jenna Dewan said at "Magic Mike" press junket in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 23. "It was the worst idea that I had heard - and I had heard some bad ideas and seen some bad skits!"

The actor argued with his employer to call off the performance, but his boss insisted. "I was like, 'Clowns aren't sexy - if anything they're scary. Why is this gonna work?'," he recounted. "And they were just like, 'Nah, nah - it kills, bro. It kills, bro. They're gonna love it'."

So, he went out and braved the crowd. "I danced to like, '99 Red Balloons' or something, I come out and... crickets. Crickets!" he said. "People didn't know if it was a joke [or] if it was supposed to be for real. No one cheered, no nothing. That was the last night I did that. I was like, 'What did I tell you?!' "

Another embarrassing gig was when he had to take off his "Boy Scout" clothes and sing "Camp Granada" in front of a family member. "[It was] my first night of stripping and my sister and six of her friends came my first night up, which was horribly mortifying," he recalled. "My sister didn't watch, but all her friends watched, all in the front row."

The Mike Martingano depicter concluded, "This [Boy Scout routine] is the worst idea ever! But the clown was the worst of all."



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