Eddie Van Halen on His Band's Halted Tour: 'We Bit Off More Than We Could Chew'

Eddie Van Halen, Van Halen

The lead guitarist of Van Halen insists that there's no internal conflict within the band, claiming that the 'A Different Kind of Truth' tour postponement was because of the scheduling issue.

The real reason why Van Halen halted their "A Different Kind of Truth" tour last May might have been revealed, thanks to none other than Eddie Van Halen himself. Denying that there was an internal conflict in the band, the 57-year-old rocker opened up that the postponement was caused by scheduling issue.

"We bit off more than we could chew," the Dutch-born musician told USA Today. "This record took a lot out of us. And we went on tour earlier than we wanted to so we could play Madison Square Garden (in March, before a renovation), and that threw the schedule out of whack."

Eddie explained that the band still have to complete more than 40 gigs on this leg, and "a lot of the canceled dates were in cities we already played." He went on revealing, "So in November, we'll hit Japan, and in the new year, we'll possibly do something special, but I can't talk about it."

On his rumored feud with singer David Lee Roth, Eddie insisted that the report was not true. "Dave's the same as he's always been, funny, witty," Ed said of his bandmate. "Sometimes I can only take that in small doses, because he just goes on and on." Wolfgang Van Halen chimed in, "He's like the Energizer Bunny - wind it up and sees what happens," before Ed said, "But Dave always lands on his feet."

As for Wolfgang, the 21-year-old bassist confessed that joining his father's legendary band is not as easy as it might seem. "It's a Van Halen thing. We get that anxiety where you think you're going to die, but really nothing's going to happen to you," he shared. Wolf said that having Van Halen as his last name is "kind of a curse." He added, "People won't let you be who you are without comparing you to someone else."

Van Halen tour with Eddie, Wolfgang, David and Alex Van Halen in the lineup. The band began their trip last February 18 in Louisville and have been scheduled to hit more than 40 cities across North America.

They were supposed to stay on the road until late September, but halted the gigs that follow their June 26 concert in New Orleans despite the fact that tickets sold well. Words later ran rampant that the members of the band didn't get along and "hate each other."

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