'True Blood' Creator Explains Why He Plays With Politic and Religion Angle in Season 5

'True Blood' Creator Explains Why He Plays With Politic and Religion Angle in Season 5

Calling the issue something that never stops, Alan Ball reveals he comes up with the idea of vampires going into politics after hearing something 'horrifying' during the Republican primary.

Adding to the juicy stuff already seen on "True Blood", the vampires are delving into political and religion issue in the upcoming fifth season. Just a few days before the show returns with all-new episodes, creator/producer Alan Ball revealed what prompted him to tackle the issue on his show.

"We wanted to play with the politics/religion angle, since that seems to be something that never stops," he told USA Today. Recalling the moment he first imagined such storyline, he shared to Entertainment Weekly, "My first instinct about going into religion and politics was from watching Michele Bachmann, who thinks she has a direct line to God."

"Some of the things being said by some people during the Republican primary were so horrifying to me that I thought, 'What if vampires wanted a theocracy? What would that look like?' " he went on elaborating. "Whenever anybody thinks they know what God wants and wants to apply that to government, whether Americans or the Taliban, it's kind of a terrifying thing."

Brought in to heat up the vampire political world is Christopher Meloni's Roman, who is the leader of Vampire Authority. Describing his character, the "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" alum said, "He's a vampire wanting to change the system, fighting against what he sees as fanatics. He's a man interested in co-existence. I think he's a forward-thinking guy."

Though claiming Roman is a "supreme example of a man of authority," Meloni teased that "there are certain moments of him that are surprisingly childish." On Roman's biggest foe, he dished, "Russell is a pretty powerful vampire. He really represents chaos and anarchy. That is the one thing that my character just disdains, both personally and professionally."

Russell's return will also force Eric and Bill, who often clashed over Sookie, to join forces. "Eric hated Bill. He thought Bill was insignificant, a young, naive vampire. Suddenly, he's in a position where he cares about this guy. He protects him and saves him. That's definitely something new for Eric," said Alexander Skarsgard who enjoys the bromance between his character and Stephen Moyer's Bill.

Moyer chimed in, "At different times in the past, things were about stuff going on for them individually. This is on a different level. This is global." The husband of leading lady Anna Paquin added that with the new threat, the two vampires are not "just thinking about themselves" anymore.

On the love triangle between Bill, Sookie and Eric, Paquin said her character "can't make her mind up and doesn't want anyone to be hurt, so she's walking away. It's horrible and painful and sad." The actress, who is currently pregnant with her and Moyer's first child together, went on teasing, "But she's never had a chance to stand on her own as a real grown-up. She's giving it a go on her own. It doesn't necessarily go well, because she's Sookie."

"True Blood" season 5 premieres Sunday, June 10 at 9 P.M. ET on HBO. It will see the aftermath of Tara's shooting. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric clean up a mess they created after killing another vampire, and Jason is visited by the recently turned Rev. Steve Newlin.

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