Charlie Sheen Threw Expletives After Denied Re-Entry

June 07, 2012 17:52:33 GMT

A female guard did not allow him and his buddies back inside Staples Center and Sheen went berserk over it.

Charlie Sheen
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Photo credit: Brian To/WENN

Charlie Sheen blew up at a female security guard at the Staples Center on Wednesday, June 6 night after he was denied re-entry. The "Anger Management" star was caught on video cursing at the security guard who would not budge.

Sheen and his buddies were taking a smoke break outside the stadium during the L.A. Kings game and were not allowed back in. "You know what? F**king blow my balls, alright, you f**king asshole," Sheen was heard yelling at the security guard.

The actor's friends tried to cover him from the video cameras that have been rolling but Sheen himself approached a cameraman and said, "Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her." The security guard later told the cameraman, "Did you not hear me telling him to f**k off?"

Staples indeed has the policy not to let people back inside once they have walked out. Sheen and his entourage eventually left the stadium.


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posted by Bubba ho-tep on Jun 07, 2012
He is an embarisment to his family. He should be ashamed of himself talking to a woman that way. And saying things like that when children are around watching a game. Staple Center not family frendly :(

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