Howard Stern's 'America's Got Talent' Debut Gets Positive Reviews

May 15, 2012 08:49:29 GMT

The shock-jock manages to insert jokes in his comments, but still keeps them tame enough for primetime television.

Howard Stern's 'America's Got Talent' Debut Gets Positive Reviews
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Howard Stern has proven that the Parents Television Council's concern about his "America's Got Talent" gig was too much. The radio personality made his promise by behaving himself during his first appearance on the show.

Giving critical yet compassionate comments to the contestants, Stern even got nice reviews about his judging stint. "I forgot how much I love Howard Stern," one viewer tweeted, while another added, "Never was a fan of Howard Stern but gotta say I'm loving him on the show."

Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly said "Stern was, for the most part, perfectly fine." Meanwhile, Robert Lloyd of Los Angeles Times wrote that the shock-jock "has shown himself perfectly capable of good behavior on other people's turf."

Still being himself, Stern told a stripping magician on the show's season premiere, "As a stripper you can't have man-boobs." He, however, managed to insert a joke when responding to a terrible singer's revelation that his parents were dead. "They died of embarrassment?" he quipped.


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posted by DBAG on May 15, 2012
Best imitation of Big Bird on acid I have ever seen. Wow! What a train wreck.
posted by 2FURTEA on May 15, 2012
Total train wreck. Stern looks like a tranny version of Big Bird. Horrible show. They were all dressed in black. Thought it was funeral runway review.
posted by thinkinaboutit on May 15, 2012
Maybe he's done a brilliant job markerting himself all the years. Making an image,selling it, meanwhile making millions. Talk about talent....

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