Christina Aguilera Fined for Coming Late to 'The Voice' Set

Christina Aguilera

The only female in the judging panel still has to go through wardrobe and make-up before making herself ready to shoot.

Christina Aguilera reportedly annoys the producers of "The Voice" with her indiscipline trait. The singer, who judges the singing talent show along with three other musicians, is said coming two-hours late to the set nearly every single day.

"Christina is consistently about two hours late," a source told "For season three this has got to stop." The execs' strategy was to fine her every time she makes people wait but that's not enough. "Whatever her fine is now doesn't bother her. She has so much money she probably doesn't notice," the insider added. "Higher-ups on the show want to raise it to a number that does bother her so she actually arrives on time."

The other judges, Cee-Lo, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton reportedly were pissed at Aguilera's diva behavior too. "They can't stand how late she is. They know she's a girl and she takes longer to get ready, but this is ridiculous," the source said. "And when she gets to set she still has to go through hair and makeup."

No response from Aguilera's camp so far.



    May 14, 2012

    Are you guys retarded? You ARE aware that the majority of this show is LIVE, right? And the episodes that aren't are shot over the span of two days. How is one "late" to a live show? Find an instance where this woman missed her introduction during a live episode. Good luck. The meaning of the word "journalism" erodes with every breath your writers take, AceShowBiz. Just pitiful.

    May 11, 2012

    Wow, she's really a PITA, and she's too fat to wear those outfits on stage. Sitting on the chair is ok.

    May 11, 2012

    she is not the only star for this show if this is true she could be late for her own show or concert but this is a tv show and prodction she needs to be better for herself

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