Eddie Kaye Thomas Compares 'American Reunion' to Jay-Z's Comeback

Mena Suvari, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Chris Klein, Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Biggs

Asked why the reunion movie was made after the 'thrilling climax' in 2003's 'American Wedding', Thomas responds, 'Jay-Z retired; he's back. Why don't you ask him that question?'

"American Reunion" has proven that the "American Pie" film franchise is not over yet despite the fact that in 2003, "American Wedding" is deemed to be the final installment of the series. Commenting on the new film, Eddie Kaye Thomas compared the reunion movie to Jay-Z's comeback after the rapper announced his retirement in 2003.

When MTV News asked him why "American Pie" was made after the "the thrilling climax" in "American Wedding", the actor who plays Paul Finch in the series responded, "Jay-Z retired; he's back." He then asked back, "Why don't you ask him that question?"

On the other hand, Tara Reid, who returns as Vicky, added that reuniting the cast members in the new movie was a great idea. "All of us get along really well," she said. "You put everyone back together again, in the same room, and the energy and the magic all comes back."

During the chat, Thomas also shared a funny moment that happened during the filming of a big fight scene for "American Reunion". He recalled, "I have a funny story about that actually. When we were shooting the fight scene, it had just been written that my sort of fight portion was really easy, so for whatever reason, the stunt coordinator didn't hire me a stunt double."

"So there was a moment where all the cast - Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott and Chris Klein - were sitting with the directors behind the monitors and all the stunt guys are in and me," Thomas continued. "So then they look and they're like, 'Does Thomas realize that we're not there?' So I was there fighting with the stunt guys because, you know, they didn't have a stunt guy for me."

Luckily, he didn't get hurt while shooting the part. "At least not that I reported," Thomas joked. "I've done stunts before. We came up with this cool flip thing that I did to the stunt guy and then kind of gave me some pointers on how to get kick in the gut and land flat on my face without breaking my neck."

In "American Reunion", the gang from the "American Pie" film series are returning to East Great Falls for their high-school reunion. In one long-overdue weekend, they will discover what has changed, who hasn't and that time and distance can't break the bonds of friendship.

Opening in the U.S. theaters today on April 6, the R-rated comedy movie also brings back Alyson Hannigan, Eugene Levy, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Natasha Lyonne, Jennifer Coolidge, Mena Suvari and Shannon Elizabeth to the cast ensemble.

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