Zayn Malik of One Direction Gets Strangled in New 'iCarly' Photo

April 07, 2012 04:42:49 GMT

Jennette McCurdy's Sam pulls a playful choke hold on Zayn, while Miranda Cosgrove's Carly dotes on Harry Styles who suddenly feels unwell after drinking from her water bottle.

Zayn Malik of One Direction Gets Strangled in New 'iCarly' Photo
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One Direction are going make appearance on "iCarly" this weekend and their scenes have been previewed in some stills. In one photo, Jennette McCurdy's Sam is seen playfully strangling Zayn Malik.

In another shot, Harry Style looks sick while the other members of the British boy band surround him. Miranda Cosgrove's Carly also shows her concern and accompanies him when a doctor comes to examine his condition.

In "iGo One Direction" which will air Saturday, April 7, Carly returns home sick after a trip and discovers that One Direction have accepted an invitation to perform on her web show. She transmits her illness to a member of the British pop group after he drank from her water bottle. Elsewhere, Spencer must coach a young girl who hates exercising.

Also in the same episode, the former contestants of British "The X Factor" will perform their hit single "What Makes You Beautiful".

"iGo One Direction" preview:

"iGo One Direction" behind the scenes:


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posted by BAR HOP? on Jan 14, 2013
ONE D...wwe ziggler is number 6 miz is 7 and morrison is 8th member wwe
posted by Cristina on Nov 26, 2012
I love 1D
posted by monkey boo on Nov 23, 2012
posted by Angie:) on Jul 26, 2012
I love y'all so much and I saw the episode about y'all and icarly and y'all make my day because it was so funny:Liam Payne,Harry styles,nail horran,Louis Tomlinson.zayn malik:)<3
posted by DIDA on Jun 17, 2012
this is so cool_I LOVE ONE DIRECTION
posted by Eleni-youpiii on Jun 08, 2012
OMG!!!! I love them soo much!!1I want to hug them.. I am in love with them.. Not kidding!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS..ALL OF U
posted by ZatiSasha on May 23, 2012
wow!like it.ONE DIRECTION is on ICARLY!
posted by elsie_31573 on May 01, 2012
omg that is so cool
posted by Fine on Apr 22, 2012
jaja poor Zayn, but i think sam is having fun... i wish i could hug him...^^
posted by Bunny boo on Apr 10, 2012
OMG! I loooooooovvvvvvveeeeeee one direction and am buying front row ,center pit tickets to there concert in the Gibson amphi theater on June 16th!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo excited.
posted by fuzzy on Apr 08, 2012
OMG! I watched this...its soooooo direction do a great jod. well done boys!
posted by SS1Dbfe on Apr 07, 2012
I so need to watch that iCarly. I love that programm and 1Direction are my favourite band!!!!

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