Tweeps Slam Sarah Palin's 'Today' Guest-Hosting Gig

April 04, 2012 03:53:43 GMT

Although some viewers dislike the former Alaska governor's appearance on the NBC morning show, John McCain gives her a thumb up.

Tweeps Slam Sarah Palin's 'Today' Guest-Hosting Gig
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While "Today" expected to boost its ratings by tapping Sarah Palin as a guest host on Tuesday, April 3, her appearance apparently did not win the heart of some viewers. Taking it to Twitter, one user named Nathan commented, "Watching Sarah Palin literally causes me pain. I get embarrassed for her, yet she just keeps talking."

Maggie Klaus wrote, "It's awkward watching Sarah Palin on #Today, knowing how much the other hosts loath her," while Stacy tweeted, "I don't understand why Sarah Palin was on The Today Show this morning...she has nothing valuable to say and her voice gives me a headache."

Another tweep, Jeremy Thomas, was more harsh in his comment as writing, "If you seen Sarah Palin on 'The Today Show' and you think she did a good job, do us a favor... #KillYourself." Karen Acker additionally expressed her disappointment, "I can't believe that The Today Show had Sarah Palin on as a guest host today. I have watched the show for 20 years. I am disappointed!"

Isaac Oyer who stated, "I hope sarah palin 'infiltrates' the today show for a while longer so people can see what a raving lunatic she is," and Chesty LaRue who wrote, "Sarah Palin was on the Today Show this morning. It went well until she accused Al Roker of reverse racism for rushing her cooking segment," were some other people who gave negative responses to Palin's guest-hosting gig.

The former Alaska governor, however, got support from her partner at the 2008 GOP presidential campaign, John McCain, who tweeted, "Great job by @SarahPalinUSA on @TODAYShow this morning!" Meanwhile, the Chicago Sun-Times said in its review that the female politician "came off suitably personable, escaping without any major gaffes."

On "Today", Palin couldn't hide her distaste on the prospects of Mitt Romney taking the Republican nomination for president. She additionally slammed president Obama, calling him out for "socialist policies."

The former "Sarah Palin's Alaska" star, however, defended Jessica Simpson on her weight gain and Oprah Winfrey on her struggles with OWN. While she slammed Julianne Moore's performance in "Game Change", the 48-year-old politician did praise Tina Fey who "has been pretty clever" with her more comedic impersonation.


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posted by Weedy on Apr 04, 2012
The Today Show hit the lowest of its lows by having Sarah Palin as a co-host. Her constant slamming of the "lamestream" media was not only irritating but ill-informed. But then "ill-informed" should be her middle name. I cannot figure out why Today needed to give her a soapbox, except for hoping that her radical soapbox would bring in ratings. Again, how low can you go.
posted by gary on Apr 04, 2012
Talk about the "lame stream media". Another talking head with no brain and too much ego. She has severe attention deficit disorder. She'll do anything for attention.
posted by midntsun1 on Apr 04, 2012
Sarah Palin bailed on Alaska so she could fill her pockets with money for her book. Can't understand why anyone would consider listening to anything she has to say. She was the biggest mistake of our state!
posted by Fed up on Apr 04, 2012
You liberal quacks, just shut the hell up. Do you ever listen to Obama he is the loud mouth that keeps on spouting socialist freebies without anyway to pay for them.Just grab obama & take him with you to hell & gone.
posted by michelle on Apr 04, 2012
Fabulous job Sarah Palin!! Ignore the haters.
posted by WTF on Apr 04, 2012
Sarah Palin haters?! That's like saying "The Number One Hater haters." If you hate the ultimate hater, are you still a "hater"?
posted by Donna on Apr 04, 2012
I don't think much of SP, but more power to her for trying to take advantage of her unique position in history. I would do the same ... I am a hillbilly in SW MO & if I had been chosen to run as VP & failed, I would try to ride on that "fame."
posted by rachel on Apr 04, 2012
She should get a job as a waitress at Denny's. Ha...ha. How did she ever get to be the governer of Alaska? Can any one answer that? Wow.....

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