David Archuleta Offers Last Video Blog Before Starting 2-Year Mormon Mission

March 29, 2012 04:41:59 GMT

In 'It's not Goodbye' video, the 'American Idol' alum thanks all of his fans for their support the past 4 years, before adding that he's 'trying to focus on something else' besides his career.

David Archuleta Offers Last Video Blog Before Starting 2-Year Mormon Mission
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David Archuleta is getting closer to starting a new chapter in his life as a Mormon missionary. Before stepping out of the spotlight and embarking on the two-year mission, the "Something 'Bout Love" singer made sure he left something behind for all of his fans as he posted a farewell video blog on his YouTube account.

"It's been a very emotional last week," the 21-year-old admitted in the beginning of the video. "I was able to have a lot of family and a lot of friends come. I gave my farewell, kind of last talk this Sunday to my neighbors, my friends and my family...It's a decision everyone knows about but it's a very personal thing and I wanted to keep it that way."

The season 7 runner-up of "American Idol" continued on how the preparation went. "I've been trying my best to get ready, and prepared. You're moving away for two years, so it's quite the task," he shared before saying that he's going to miss talking to his fans and sharing "weird, random things that I'm doing or thinking about."

In the video posted on Wednesday, March 28, Archuleta thanked his fans for all the supports they gave him the past 4 years. The "Crush" singer explained, "I'm trying to focus on something else there, not my career. I'm going to be trying my best to focus on the people over there, and more one-on-one experiences."

The singer, who announced his call to serve at the Salt Lake City stop of his My Kind of Christmas Tour, added that he's doing it to be able to have more "one-on-one time with my Heavenly Father." After saying that he hopes that his fans will enjoy the new music that will be coming out, he closes the video by saying, "I will see you all in two years. God bless. Take care."

Archuleta will be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at an undisclosed country in South America. It is reported that he entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on Wednesday as a precursor to the missionary mission.


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posted by Amy on Mar 29, 2012
David will no doubt put his whole heart & soul into this too. Godspeed, David~We'll be right here when you return! Peace.
posted by deb416 on Mar 29, 2012
I admire David for following his heart, and for working so hard before he left to record music for his fans to be released while he's gone. I ordered his new album "Forevermore" from Amazon and love what I've heard so far, beautiful melodies and that signature voice of his.
posted by violet4ever on Mar 29, 2012
I love David's voice and he's a really kind and humble person. He worked really hard the last 10 weeks to make stuff to leave for fans - he was filmed in the 5-week Philippines miniseries Nandito Ako as leading man (subtitled DVDs are in the works), a classic Philippines album Forevermore (shipping now and music video real soon), and a US album of classic or inspirational songs that he finished up the day before he left. Plus some new photoshoots. He did all of that and more in 10 weeks. Gonna miss him. BTW David's official site and many fansites like fansofdavid and archuletafanscene and more will stay open. David's twitter is DavidArchie and his manager Kari will post any messages from David there. #DA2014 I'll Be Here
posted by Ria on Mar 29, 2012
Good luck David hope to see you take care
posted by Lisa on Mar 29, 2012
All the best to him!.. He will be an amazing missionary and I wish him well.
posted by Sierra on Mar 29, 2012
Good luck David, hope you'll have an amazing experience! Take care & stay safe!

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