'Pretty Little Liars' Promotes Janel Parrish as a Regular in Season 3

March 20, 2012 04:42:49 GMT

Following the big revelation in the season 2 finale, Parrish's character Mona will have a larger role in the upcoming season.

'Pretty Little Liars' Promotes Janel Parrish as a Regular in Season 3
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"Pretty Little Liars" has unmasked "A" in its second finale, with [SPOILER ALERT!] Mona being revealed as the person who has been blackmailing the Liars. While the character died in the book, she survives on the show and will make it to the upcoming season 3 with a bigger role.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Janel Parrish, who plays Mona aka "A", has been upped to a series regular in the forthcoming season after recurring since the first season. Executive producer/creator Marlene King has previously said that the person, who has been torturing the Liars, would have a larger role in the next season.

Mona is also revealed to be "A" in the book. Explaining their decision to present this similarity despite their goal to be different from the original works, executive producer Oliver Goldstick told Entertainment Weekly, "We felt like we had a certain need to honor the thing that was set up by the author."

On Mona's motive, King elaborated, "The motive for Mona really kicked into gear when Aria came back from Europe because Mona had Hanna for that year and they became friends. This fear of losing Hanna again inspired Mona to start tormenting these girls in the way that they tormented her."

"She really wanted to get Hanna back all to herself. Mona hates Hanna the most because the other three were Allison's friend, but Hanna was her friend. She feels the most personally betrayed by Hanna."

With Maya being revealed as "A", it doesn't necessarily mean the end of the hunt for Alison's murderer. "Mona's incarcerated for being 'A', but not for being Allison's killer," King explained it. "So when we come back in season 2, Garrett is still in jail for Allison's murder. That'll be dealt with in season 3."

Asked whether there's another person helping "A", King refused to clarify it as saying, "I don't think anyone should assume anything." Meanwhile, Maya's death in the last moments of season 2 will be addressed in season 3. "We feel like the Emaya fans deserve some answers and some closure, and that's what season 3 will embrace," she promised.

As for other things to be seen in the next chapter, King teased, "Ezra's still been Aria's rock and safe place to land, and they're closer than ever." Ezra's family, including his brother, mother, and father, will also make appearance, while the birth of Melissa's baby will become a central plot point in the third season.

"Pretty Little Liars" will return with all-new episodes starting Tuesday, June 5 at 8 P.M. on ABC Family. It is paired with "Jane by Design" which will occupy the 9 P.M. slot.


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posted by Diani on Mar 13, 2013
Love this show.
posted by pll 4 life on Mar 20, 2012
u know wut Edi stfu because they are just trying to keep their fans interested and trying to prolong the show
posted by Edie on Mar 20, 2012
What a terrible way to treat the fans. King promised we would find out who A is and then implies Mona wasn't really working alone? So Mona wasn't really an answer - Just a crazy girl sending texts. Spencer was scared of her? She's about 5'0 and 90 pounds. If you're going to stick to the books then stick to the books and don't create plot holes through minor alterations. I guess this means that Ali has a twin and she killed her. No big mystery behind season 3 at all.
posted by Unknown on Mar 20, 2012
Aww poor Mona is locked up ,and you think it's all kisses and cheers. Haven't you learn yet bitches. I'm always one - step ahead of you all. I'm back bitches and nothing is going to bring me down. Watch your back. Nothing is as it seems. -A

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