Shannon Magrane on Her 'American Idol' Exit: I Picked the Wrong Songs

Shannon Magrane on Her 'American Idol' Exit: I Picked the Wrong Songs

Admitting that cute guys have an advantage on the singing competition, the eleventh-place finisher on 'Idol' season 11 urges girls to stick together and vote for female finalists.

Shannon Magrane has laid bare her thoughts on why she got voted off "American Idol" this week. Speaking to reporters after the Thursday, March 15 results show, she admitted she has made mistake in song choice.

"I don't think I picked the right ones," the 16-year-old said. "It's really hard with song choice, especially because I'm 16 years old. You can't pick these big songs that are all about love. America will be wondering, 'Why is she singing these big love songs? What has she gone through?' "

Asked if sentiments toward female finalists played part in her exit, Shannon pointed out the outcomes of previous seasons which tended to show bigger favor on male contestants. "Actually, you know, there's been obviously guys who have been winning the past couple years and all the girls I know are fighting for that spot to be the next American Idol, and I certainly was," she said.

She went on noting that cute boys do have an advantage on the show as saying, " know, there's like [Phillip Phillips] and [Heejun Han] and all these teenage girls like, 'Oh my God they're so funny!' and, 'Oh my God! He's so cute!' " She added, "The guys do have a competitive edge."

Though so, the Florida girl "strongly" believes that a female finalist will win this season's "Idol". She additionally hopes that girls will support female contestants, "The girls got to vote for the girls. We've got to stick with them and we've got to have that girl power and we've got to all stick together."

On the judges who didn't use their "save" for her, Shannon said she understands their decision. "I don't think that they should've used it so early in the competition because you never who can be so good and then be kicked off and they won't use it or they might use it. And watching the [last] season with [Casey Abrams], I believe that they should've used it, because Casey is so talented," she sounded off her opinion.

"I think that if they used it for me, then America wouldn't have too much to look forward to with the save and everything... There are people who are older than me and know more music than me and who are a lot more experienced," she went on explaining.

Being the eleventh-place finisher, Shannon did feel disappointed that she can't join "Idol" tour. "It is definitely upsetting knowing that you have come this far and it has to end here," she said, but added, "I am really proud of myself" for being able to be in the Top 11.

On her next plans, she opened up, "I'm really looking forward to doing my own music." She continued boasting, "I am really looking forward to surprising myself in the future... I'm going to go home and I'm going to practice and I'm going to come back and I'm going to be a lot different than I was before. I think that I'm going to surprise everybody."




    The Slayman
    Mar 17, 2012

    You didn't pick the wrong songs and you did them wonderfully, YOUR way. Press on, Shannon, I predict you will make it big, really big.

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