Gary Ross Plays Coy About Who Will Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'

March 15, 2012 02:08:54 GMT

The 'Hunger Games' director remains tight-lipped about who he has in mind to play the flamboyant figure as stating, 'I made the terrible mistake of saying that to the press.'

Gary Ross Plays Coy About Who Will Play Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'
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"The Hunger Games" won't arrive in cinemas until March 23, but casting rumors for its follow-up film "Catching Fire" are already buzzing wildly. Fans of the franchise have been speculating about who will play the sequel's most desirable role, Finnick Odair, and some of them hope that the part will be offered to Armie Hammer. Discussing the casting rumor with MTV News, director Gary Ross decided to stay tight-lipped.

"No," Ross stated when urged to reveal who he has in mind to tackle the flamboyant character. "I mean, somewhere, I know it was in the press, I said I had an idea for Finnick Odair. But I don't really," he insisted before adding, "You start to have ideas as you read, obviously I read the books several times, and I went, oh this guy might be good or that guy might be good. And then I made the terrible mistake of saying that to the press."

In Suzanne Collin's book, Finnick is described as a 24-year-old very handsome and tan skinned young man with bronze hair and stunning sea-green eyes. The District 4 figure is known for having many lovers in the Capitol. At the age of fourteen, he won the Hunger Games by using a trident and a net against other Tributes. Ross has made it clear that he will cast a right actor to tackle the coveted part. He said, "There will be a whole process. We're going to be very thorough."

The casting topic aside, Ross opened up that he's not considering to give "Catching Fire" a 3D treatment. "No, absolutely not, no. I don't think it's appropriate for this film," he claimed. "I think that if we shoot this movie in 3D, we become the Capitol; we start making spectacle out of something that I don't think is really appropriate here."

"There needs to be an aesthetic distance because of the nature of the material, the premise, what they're doing," the filmmaker elaborated furthermore. "I think that cinematic techniques designed to intensify the experience if you feel them that way, aren't really appropriate. I mean I love 3D, I really do and I think it's a wonderful tool, I just don't think it's the right tool for this."

In "Catching Fire", Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are getting punished for their defiance. They will be forced to compete in a special 75th staging of the Hunger Games, where they must compete against past winners. Oscar winner Simon Beaufoy is set to write the script for the anticipated sequel, which is due to open wide in the U.S. during the Thanksgiving weekend on November 22, 2013.


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posted by Jamie on Jul 30, 2012
Colton Haynes for Finnick WTF!
posted by PeetaLuvr on Jul 29, 2012
I think James Gaisford is the perfict Finnick. He looks exactly how I imagine Finnick! :)
posted by A.C on Jun 12, 2012
I think that James Gaisford is amazing for finnick or Chase crawford.
posted by Lisa on Jun 07, 2012
I think James Gaisfort have to play Finnick. He´s the perfect Finnick <3
posted by Lauren on Jun 07, 2012
Alex Pettyfer he pulls of the sex but hurt angle
posted by Sheila on Jun 01, 2012
posted by Emily123 on May 29, 2012
I think Jensen Ackles should play Finnick.. he's who I thought of when reading the books!
posted by elle on May 27, 2012
Sam Milby :)
posted by RebeccaAmaya on May 26, 2012
Chris Hemsworth is absolutely perfect for the role! He fits the description to a tee, and he has that sexy lover boy vine. Vote for Chris Hemsworth!
posted by Pine ME on May 25, 2012
Chris Pine would be A GREAT Finnick!!!!
posted by Lexia on May 24, 2012
HUNTER PARRISH SHOULD BE FINNICK!!! He was THE fan favorite for Peeta before the first movie was cast - why can't he be Finnick? He looks more like him than Peeta anyway.
posted by me on May 24, 2012
posted by district 4 is awsome on May 23, 2012
James Gaisford is the BEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD TO PLAY FINNICK. He is waaaayyyyyy better than stupid Zack Efron, and unlike Zack , James actually knows how to act good.
posted by FinnickFTW on May 23, 2012
Uhmm I've seen some really good ones and some WHAT ARE U THINKING ONES.. Anyone thought of ...perhaps Chris Evans?
posted by Kristen on May 22, 2012
While I used to LOVE Zac Efron, I have changed my mind to JAMES GAISFORD!! Have you ever watched the youtube videos? Just youtube 'Second Quarter Quell' and you'll see that he is perfect, and handsome, and even though he may be ineperienced, there's no time like the present to learn more and be more experienced :)
posted by yoyoyo on May 18, 2012
I think the perfect Finick is Bryan Fisher but he's not that famous but AHHHHHH he would be perfect!!!!
posted by Zoe loves The Hunger on May 15, 2012
JAMES GAISFORD, JAMES GAISFORD, JAMES GAISFORD, JAMES GAISFORD !!!!! I swear if they do not cast James Gaisford as Finnick Odiar i will march down to lionsgate and order them to cast him o so help me i will get a mob NOW WHOS WITHE ME :O
posted by Tyrelle on May 14, 2012
Jeremy Sumpter! How can you forget the boy who said he'll never grow up? Jeremy all the way!
posted by kitty on May 14, 2012
IF ZACK GETS THE PART I AM GOING TO FLIP...URGH I mean seriously, who would even think of him playing finnick. Go away efron fan girls and go back to HSM don't ever bring him here
posted by Katy on May 14, 2012
Evan Peters! He just needs to dye his hair back to that bronze color and he's there.
posted by Sierria on May 14, 2012
Hunter Parrish!!! He is too perfect! No one else is as attractive as him!
posted by JJ on May 12, 2012
posted by Tori on May 11, 2012
Drew Roy is Finnick . GO LOOK
posted by Sara on May 10, 2012
garrett hedlund. he IS finnick.
posted by Emlia on May 07, 2012
Aaron Johnson, Colton Haynes
posted by Victoria on May 06, 2012
James Gaisford, Joey Graceffa, or Colton Haynes. They all fit the role, PERFECTLY! And I swear to God, if one more Disney Channel, lover says Zac Efron ONE MORE DAMN TIME, I'm going ape shit.
posted by Ruth on May 05, 2012
posted by Sophia on May 05, 2012
omg Lachlan Buchanan has to be finnick he is so perfect and beautiful!!!!!!
posted by Hannah on May 05, 2012
Lachlan Buchanan should definitely play Finnick! He is exactly how I imagined him!!
posted by Lisie on May 01, 2012
Nico Tortorella. That's all i can say. He's exactly how i pictured finnick to be, plus, extremely hot! I want someone not that predictable as alex pettyfer, or armie hammer or zac efron. Nico is perfect, but i'd be happy if Drew Van Acker played finnick's part. I mean, it HAS to be someone hot, right? haha :) (be wise casting finnick, he's my favorite <3)
posted by Sara on Apr 30, 2012
Grant Gustin is perfect as Finnick !!
posted by Emily on Apr 30, 2012
Oh, I forgot. Lachlan Buchanan should be Finnick too, he's really hot <3
posted by Emily on Apr 30, 2012
I think, that Drew Van Acres or Alex pettyfer would be Finnick. They're both very handsome and got natural bronze hair, they're well built, I like it ^^ Well, not sure, if they're tall too :/
posted by Olga on Apr 27, 2012
Grant Gustin = perfect Finnick Odair. And Johanna... Summer Glau, Sophia Bush or Gemma Arterton
posted by Katniss<3 on Apr 23, 2012
Thank God they aren't doing 3D for the films...unless the new director screws it up and decides to do 3D. Say it with me "3D is CHEESY and used!"
posted by Danni on Apr 22, 2012
posted by Savannah on Apr 20, 2012
GRANT GUSTIN!! He matches the description and though he isn't that well known like a lot off the actors people are suggesting, has just as much talent! When I read the books after knowing about him, he was all I could imagine as Finnick! To be honest though, this was my favourite book and he's my favourite character, so i'm alright with whoever ends up as him as long as they don't disappoint :)
posted by Carm on Apr 20, 2012
OMG! Definatly Joey Graceffa! He is just perfect for finnick!
posted by JJ on Apr 18, 2012
One... Zac Efron sucks at acting, he will forever in my mind be etched as a Disney character. I can never see him as Finnick, he can't pull off the manliness and internal distress Finnick has. Second... My absolute number one choice to play Finnick is JAMES GAISFORD!!! He was amazing in the Finnick and Annie series on Youtube and is almost exactly how I pictured Finnick to look when I was reading the books. If you haven't seen him in action, check out MainStayPro on Youtube and see for yourself!
posted by Melissa on Apr 18, 2012
I just couldn't see Zac Efron being Finnick. When i hear the name "Zac Efron" i think of Disney Channel. Plus he can't act at all. Also i think they should pick someone with NATURALLY green eyes, like Joey Graceffa. Natural green eyes are much more gorgeous than contacts.. So Joey Graceffa has my vote. He's a really good actor and his eyes are amazing.
posted by Adriana on Apr 15, 2012
Liam's brother "THOR", hands down.
posted by Anna on Apr 14, 2012
Jensen Ackles, hands down. He's got the range and the talent to pull this role off.
posted by cj on Apr 13, 2012
omg please please please not zac effrom. i mean he's hot but it just doesn't fit. definitely think IAN SOMERHOLDER. yum. there's an air about him that i think is similar to Finnick
posted by kkcoolcat on Apr 12, 2012
Drew Van Acker for Finnick!
posted by Hannah on Apr 12, 2012
James Gaisford as Finnick, PLEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He fits so well. But if not him, then Ian Somerhalder, maybe...?
posted by saly zanbour on Apr 11, 2012
certainly zac efron is the one yeah he's born to be finnick and if he won't that hot actor matt lanter will be good but as a second choice after zac sure
posted by somebody on Apr 11, 2012
Ian Somerhalder definitely for Finnick Odair! He's fit you just need to dye his hair and give him contacts - he' s an amazing actor and would be perfect for the role. :)
posted by Esilva01 on Apr 10, 2012
Drew Van Acker or Jensen Ackles would be Perfect to play FINNICK!!!
posted by d on Apr 10, 2012
the book described him as tall, tan, bronze hair, sea green eyes, handsom and very a very well defined build Alex Pettyfer would work in the looks department i havent seen im in much of anything so i dont knowhow well his acting skills are im still shooting for Craig Horner though
posted by kate on Apr 10, 2012
No to Zac Efron, just no. I know Finnick is 24 in the books, but Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcheson look a bit older than 16/17 so it would be ok to get someone getting a bit into their late 20's just to show a little age on the leads. Oh and I like Garrett Hedlund mmmm...
posted by Seiranlw on Apr 10, 2012
I've got a question...did the book mention that Finnick is suppose to be big and bulky? Cause i imagined him to be tall and kinda muscular...but not big... And i think Alex Pettyfer has that Finnick look though i'm not too sure about him acting as Finnick cuz its gonna be tough potraying Finnicks feelings and all...
posted by d on Apr 09, 2012
If you have read the books Finnick won the 65 annual Hunger Games at the age of 14 the Quarter Quell is the 75 Hunger Games thats ten years so he is 24 yrs old so you need someone who looks like they are in there early 20s not late 20s and he has to be a good acter cause he has so many personality traits of finnick he has to portray (Douchebag, hoplessly in love, good ally, friend) so he needs to be a good actor, so look up Craig Horner he fits finnicks description on looks he may need to build up some muscle but not much if any and thats an easy fix look at taylor laughtner from twilight to twilight new moon its possible
posted by kskittlez on Apr 08, 2012
Chris zylka hes totally gorgeous,tan,blonde hair, and hes big enough to toss peeta over his just sayin.mmmm
posted by Veronica on Apr 08, 2012
I think James Gaisford or Alex Pettyfer should be Finnick!! They are amazing, and if you have seen Mainstaypro's Finnick and Annie clips, you would love James too !! <3
posted by Tim on Apr 08, 2012
Get off the Zac effron bandwagon ladies, he's too tiny. Finnick is supposed to be a big guy. Zac, in my opinion, wouldn't be able to capture the humor and the intensity this role demands..and boy does it demand a lot. I'm a guy and I got a hardon for Finnick the dudes a beast, obviously my favorite character. I'd be offended and hurt if Zac was cast as him.
posted by Saaas on Apr 08, 2012
I think Finnick should be Joey Graceffa or Hunter Parrish :)
posted by Jase on Apr 08, 2012
I dont know, they all seem either too young and "boyish" or too famous haha what about Cam Gigandet? Naah, probs not... nobody can play such a perfect guy ;)
posted by Katelyn on Apr 08, 2012
Guys. Stop staying Zac Efron. No. Just no. Oh and Yeah I think James Gaisford is cute and I loved the Finnick and Annie series and Second Quarter quell by Mainstay pro on YouTube. But has he been in an actual movie before? No I'm pretty sure. Everybody is demanding Finnick be perfect and he needs to have acting skills as well as looks. I mean maybe James could do it I'm just saying maybe he's a little inexperienced for this character that everybody loves. The End. :)
posted by Charlie on Apr 08, 2012
James Gaisford. He looks so good and the Annie & Finnick videos on youtube are great! He is a very talented actor!
posted by La on Apr 07, 2012
Pity Jensen Ackles is a bit old...he would make such an awesome Finnick :D
posted by Alex on Apr 06, 2012
Lucas Till, Adam Gregory, or Grant Gustin will be perfect for the role :) And Naya Rivera as Johanna Mason :) Sorry but Zac Efron is too small.
posted by Taylor on Apr 06, 2012
Zac Efron please.
posted by 08asdfghjkl on Apr 06, 2012
Zac Efron should definitely play Finnick Odair. He is totally perfect for the role.
posted by Lexi on Apr 06, 2012
I believe Zac Efron would be perfect to play Finnick.
posted by Charlie on Apr 06, 2012
I think Zac Efron is the best actor to portray Finnick Odair. He's looks are very accurate except for the eye color. He proved himself as a great actor from Charlie St. Cloud.
posted by savvylayne on Apr 06, 2012
I think Zac Efron would be the PERFECT Finnick. Johanna should be cast as Naya Rivera. They both fit just right to the characters.
posted by courtneymellark on Apr 06, 2012
I think Chris Hemsworth should play the handsome Finnick Odair. Personally I feel Alex Pettyfer is to young. And btw finnick is 28 not 24
posted by xEmilyy_x3 on Apr 06, 2012
James Gaisford should play Finnick! Please, he's perf. Just look him up on youtube, "Finnick and Annie web series". Or search for "The Second Quarter Quell", both videos are made by MainstayPro. Oh, and I'd like Mila Kunis to play Johanna Mason. (:
posted by Claire on Apr 05, 2012
I think Alex Pettyfer should be Finnick. A blonde Grant Gustin won't be bad either. Oh, there's also Drew Van Acker. Man, I can't make up my mind!
posted by Girlonfire on Apr 05, 2012
I had a picture in my head as to who it should be but there was no celebrity with the face I had. So I went through the names of the top 20 that everyone thought should be Finnick and when I saw Alex Pettyfer, I literally went "Hot damn, that's my Finnick!!" Thus...MY logic.
posted by d on Apr 04, 2012
I think Craig Horner from Legend of the Seeker would be perfect for the part all that would be needed is contacts cuz he has brown eyes, and he isnt very well known which is a plus. Ian Somerhalder would be awesome about 8 yrs ago but now he looks to old to play a 24 yr old hes just a little to mature on the looks.
posted by LeSHady on Apr 04, 2012
Jared Leto!!! Hands down is the only guy on earth that could play FInnick! Though Ryan Reynolds would be fit for the job to me he looks too old.
posted by Cindiee on Apr 04, 2012
While I love Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds I don't believe either of them would be a good fit. The only similarity between Zac and Finnick is that they are gorgeous. Ryan's problem is that he is too old to portray the young Finnick. I personally believe the best person to play Finnick is Grant Gustin. He is gorgeous and knows it which is a trait Finnick has. Also, Finnick has very similar characteristics too Grant. Lastly, as mentioned before Grant has said before in interviews that he would like to play Finnick.He said that when he read it that he was going to play Finnick.
posted by karebearcutie on Apr 04, 2012
ZAC EFRON. HANDS DOWN. DID YOU SEE HIS BODY IN "THE LUCKY ONE"...pretty sure he can carry the 5 foot josh hutcherson on his back. no problem.
posted by Trish on Apr 03, 2012
GARRETT HEDLUND FOR FINNICK ODAIR!!!!!! He's perfect (he's sam flynn in Tron Legacy)
posted by KandyKane on Apr 03, 2012
Zac Efron is perfect for Finnick!!! He is tan, 24 years old, has an amazing body, and he just needs green contacts!!! Zac for Finnick!!!!!
posted by AnnieOdair247 on Apr 03, 2012
I think JOSH DUHAMEL would be the perfect Finnick Odair!!! He's GODLY GORGEOUS.
posted by KazaHana on Apr 02, 2012
Alex Pettyfer for Finnick. He is what everybody pictured. Well, almost everybody. But, he's just so good for the role. handsome and everything. He'll be perfect for Finnick Odair. love Finnick and I love Alex. I just want him to play the role. I'm dyingto see him in Catching fire. &#9829; Pettyfer for Odair, you guys. :)))
posted by ia on Apr 02, 2012
Alex Pettyfer=Finnick Odair. Just from how Suzanne Collins described Finnick Odair i immediately thought of Alex Pettyfer. I mean? He fits all the descriptions and even Alex's eyes have a gree tint! ((: If Alex pettyfer doesnt play finnick, you know how many Heart-broken girls plus me will be in the crowd frowning at the person who is NOT Alex Pettyfer playing finnick? WORDS cannot explain how Alex is a perfect finnick. nuff said.
posted by emmasmama7 on Apr 02, 2012
when i read the book i pictured chris hemsworth as finnick but i think whoever they pick to play him will be perfect. they have done a pretty good job so far
posted by lellylanor on Apr 02, 2012
someone mentioned earlier about what Finnick does in the arena - carrys a fairly hefty Peeta over his shoulder while he runs in a sweltering jungle. u see pettyfer doing that? NOPE. also, Finnick in Mockingjay goes basically insane, with the knot-tying, no proper clothes - a very serious, heartwrenching and downright awful condition that someone like pettyfer or efron would never be able to portray. kellan lutz, drew van acker are possibilities but lutz has the twilight factor and im not sure if acker could pull it off either? a total unknown would be perfect - as long as he is tall, muscular, actually blondey/bronze (hutcherson looks strange to me) and capable of showing the many sides of the wonderful Finnick. if only heath ledger was still alive...
posted by HutchersonHomie on Apr 02, 2012
I always imagined DREW ROY as Finnick,he seems like he would play the role perfectly. He can be cocky, like finnick. He is also very hansom and looks very athletic. Also in the Hannah Montana movie he was great actor. His hair is light blond where as finnick's is bronze, but I still think he has the face for Finnick
posted by Nicki on Apr 02, 2012
Ian Somerhalder all the way!!!:D Just dye his hair and you have got the perfect Finnick!!!
posted by HG451 on Apr 02, 2012
Ryan Reynolds! He's physically qualified for the role and he has that lover boy vibe and the dynamic personality. The actor to be casted as Finnick needs to exude the humor, physique and tenacity effortlessly. And I can't see any other actor who can portray the scene from Mockingjay where Finnick whips off his hospital gown and poses in his underwear.
posted by Kaitlyn on Apr 01, 2012
Watching Tron at this moment & I'm not gonna lie I can kinda see Garrett Hedlund as Finnick! I mean you can't find the perfect Finnick because there's no one like him,he's my favorite character <3 I just hope whoever they cast looks & acts the part ALMOST perfectly :D
posted by Happy girl on Apr 01, 2012
Alex Pettyfer should play Finnick Odair. Armie Hammer doesn't have the right personality
posted by ef on Apr 01, 2012
Alex Pettyfer should be Finnick, He's got the build, the looks, the hair, the accent, all he needs now is some green contacts and we're set!
posted by Megan on Apr 01, 2012
Ryan Reynolds! I feel like they need to cast someone slightly older as Finnick just because he seems so much older in the books...his life experiences make him seem older.
posted by Becky on Apr 01, 2012
When I read the books, I automatically thought Alex Pettyfer... I wish that he could be cast as Finnick, if he wasn't already doing his other movies *shrugs*
posted by ryuzaki1492 on Apr 01, 2012
Am I the only one who cant stand the thought of Alex pettyfer as finnick? I think finnicks most important trait is a giant adorable smile which Alex pettyfer can definitely not pull off. Not to mention pettyfer can't act.
posted by LTUGirl on Apr 01, 2012
Finnick needs to be someone that MOST people consider to be attractive while still following the descriptions in the novel. And frankly, this Alex Pettyfer guy is not that good looking and looks nothing like what Finnick should be. And although I am not a Zac Efron fan, he fits the description and I could imagine him as a Finnick.
posted by TenaciousT07 on Apr 01, 2012
I saw Kellen Lutz when I was reading the books. He has a great body, with contacts he could have the right color eyes. He is known but not overwhelmingly so. I feel like he could easily be Finnick.
posted by Mel on Apr 01, 2012
Drew Van Acker, Lachlan Buchanan, or James Gaisford.
posted by Mary on Apr 01, 2012
posted by Tamsin on Apr 01, 2012
Alex Pettyfer all the way. I honestly think he's the perfect Finnick, he has the looks, the body, the everything. He's Perfect.
posted by Charli on Apr 01, 2012
My mind's Finnick looks astonishingly like a cross between Jeremy Sumpter and Grant Gustin. Grant's eyes are basically the same green I imagined and it's mostly him that I see when I read.
posted by Simonesa on Apr 01, 2012
Jensen Ackles would be perfect!
posted by Anon on Apr 01, 2012
If Grant Gustin doesn't play Finnick, I'm not seeing the movie. Or Mockingjay for that matter. He would be perfect for the role, and has said that he would enjoy doing that. So if he isn't Finnick Odair, I'm not going.
posted by Maya on Mar 31, 2012
Beau Mirchoff should be perfect. In every way. All of you are choosing really famous actors like Zac Efron and Ian Somerholder who probably wouldn't even play his role right. As for Beau Mirchoff, he's the perfect Finnick I swear, whether by personality or looks. If they cast Beau, they wouldn't even have to change a thing about his appearance since he's exactly how Finnick is described; tan, bronze hair, green eyes and so hot! If you watch Awkward, you'll see that just the way he gazes at the girl he loves, he portrays Finnick's emotions. He also Has the cheekiness that represents Finnick and his sensitive side towards Annie. He's the perfect Finnick, and will portray him perfectly whether when he's being a hunk (his 1st conversation with Katniss), the brave and strong Finnick in the arena, the worried Finnick (when he hears annies voice), the short attentioned spanned Finnick and the loving Finnick.
posted by Kaschkaaa on Mar 30, 2012
I always imagined Finnick as a human edward cullen. The bronze hair and green eyes, so spot on :D
posted by Elle on Mar 30, 2012
Ian Somerhalder would make a great Finnick. Witty, strong, tall, broard, handsome!
posted by mangarue on Mar 29, 2012
those fans aren't really fans. when i read the book i pictured the district 11 tributes the way the movie depicted them. i think the casting department did a REALLY GOOD JOB and so did lenny, amanda, and dayo. i think those"fans" need to keep to themselves
posted by KimiD on Mar 29, 2012
Keep in mind whoever plays Finnick needs to be able to toss Peeta over his shoulder and run with him. I can't see Pettyfer or Efron doing this. Odair is a big HULK of a man. He needs to be tall, broad AND handsome. Like freakin He-Man!
posted by chinny on Mar 29, 2012
it's really sad that Alex Pettyfer could not play the role of Finnick Odair. And I can't think of anyone that could portray the character perfectly other than him.
posted by GinnyK on Mar 28, 2012
I think that zac efron would be a good finnick. If you get past the whole high school musical thing than your good. I can see him waving a trident around! :)
posted by Ysa on Mar 28, 2012
I wanted Alex Pettyfer to play as Finnick. He's so gorgeous. But he's playing as John Smith in I am number 4. So I go for Drew Van Acker. He's cute. And I can imagine him popping sugar cubes in his mouth. :)
posted by hi on Mar 28, 2012
posted by JeremySumpter on Mar 28, 2012
Jeremy Sumpter is amazing! If he doesn't get picked I will cry! Go look him up. Now!
posted by JeremyOdair on Mar 28, 2012
Jeremy Sumpter!!!
posted by Riley on Mar 26, 2012
What about Alex Petifyr??
posted by Victoria on Mar 26, 2012
Colton Haynes, possibly. He's very hot, gorgeous blonde hair, and just give him green contacts ^^ He's 1 year younger than 24 year old Finnick. Chris Hemsworth, maybe...
posted by Loume on Mar 26, 2012
Ew! I looked up some of these guys mentioned. Can't see them as Finnick - sorry! Armie Hammer isn't bad. They are all good looking, but I don't think take my breath away they way I imagined him. I think they need a slightly older actor. I feel like with Finnick's experience in life they need someone whose looks reflect that. Make sense?
posted by Mikela on Mar 26, 2012
Zack efron. Oh btw Finnick and Annie lovers go on YouTube and search Hunger Games: Finnick and Annie (it's awesome)
posted by haynesamber on Mar 26, 2012
Colton Haynes would make the perfect Finnick guys! Please help support him. He's an amazing actor and eserves to make it big! <3
posted by kkcoolcat on Mar 26, 2012
Drew Van Acker is drop dead gorgeous and sexy like Finnick.
posted by Anonymous on Mar 26, 2012
Grant Gustin!!
posted by alexpetty4finnick on Mar 26, 2012
I know some of u wouldnt agree, but I rteally love alex pettyfer as finnick. Im a huge fan of him I think he is a wonderful actor and is absolutely gorgeous!
posted by Gwen W. on Mar 26, 2012
Ummmm, Joel Kinnaman! DUH!
posted by BEEEHAYVE on Mar 26, 2012
Sam Milby should play older Finnick!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by MissOdair on Mar 26, 2012
I think either: Ian Somerholder: Give his hair a blond hue (like with JOSH)... and YUM Alex Pettyfer: I've seen him in few things, and from what I've seen, he's be good. and he looks the part Jackson Rathbone...Dye his hair... hate to push 2 fandoms together buthe's be good, if you dyed his hair the right colour...
posted by Em on Mar 25, 2012
Ian Somerhalder for Finnick Odair! He doesn't exactly look the part but that can be fixed he is a terrific actor and would fit the part perfectly
posted by Katherine on Mar 25, 2012
If he wasn't already doing Thor, I'd say Chris Hemsworth but since he is I'd love to see a not so famous actor playing the role. Someone from television series or something like that.
posted by Kris on Mar 25, 2012
Justin Hartley as Finnick.
posted by Millie on Mar 25, 2012
Okay Alex Pettyfer can't because he's already doing the I Am Number Four movies and you just can't mix main characters of franchises like that. Armie Hammer is perfect. He needs to get it.
posted by Ellyn on Mar 24, 2012
I don't think anybody exists who is beautiful enough to play Finnick!
posted by rachael on Mar 24, 2012
I swear if Zac Efron gets cast as Finnick I am not watching this film. He just can't act, and he is not good looking enough.
posted by Jay on Mar 24, 2012
NO ZACH EFFRON AS FINNICK!!!!! please finnick is amazing and zach well isnt! Make Finnick someone like Chris Pine
posted by Me on Mar 24, 2012
I think Drew Van Acker looks so much like Finnick. He has had acting and modeling experience.
posted by BubbleGummyWorm on Mar 24, 2012
Garret Hedlund, anyone? :D
posted by Danuza on Mar 23, 2012
I think it should be either Ben Stone, Zac Efron, or Alex Pettyfer. They would all be great! But I kind of hope a lesser known actor will be chosen...
posted by Jas on Mar 21, 2012
Alex Pettyfer should definitely be Finnick I always imagined him looking like him!
posted by Sydney on Mar 20, 2012
Alex Pettyfer will get the part because he is the picture perfect actor. He is tall and atheletic and REALLY good looking.
posted by Tiffany on Mar 20, 2012
Benjamen Stone is the perfect person for Finnick! He was just like him in 9 lives of Chloe King
posted by Shanae on Mar 20, 2012
I believe Benjamen Ston should play Finnick. Finnick is my favorite character in the whole book series so who plays him must be good. When i read the book the only person i could picture was Benjamen. If you dont know him watch some of the episodes of ( 9 live of Chloe King.(the season finale shows him as Finnick the best)
posted by Michaela on Mar 19, 2012
Alex Pettyfer should be Finnick. No joke. He is a wonderful actor, and I pictured someone closely to him as I read the book. He would be perfect.

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