'CSI' 12.16 Preview: Searching in the Dark

February 23, 2012 07:19:49 GMT

The light is out in Las Vegas when Russell and his team must find a kidnapped kid in three hours.

'CSI' 12.16 Preview: Searching in the Dark
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"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" will go ancient, so it is teased in a preview for the upcoming episode of the show. Greg and his teammates must revert to old-school methods when a blackout cripples Las Vegas.

Although the city goes dark, it does not stop D.B. Russell and his team from working to solve a case of a missing child. With no power, no light and no machines to help their work, they must find the kid in three hours or he will die.

Making it harder for the CSIs, they may not be able to count on David's backup since he is trapped in an elevator. Meanwhile, one girl has become a victim in the case.

"CSI Unplugged" will air next Wednesday, February 29 at 10/9c on CBS.


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