New 'Glee' Set Photo Offers Hint to Quinn's Fate After the Shocking Cliffhanger

February 22, 2012 06:43:53 GMT

Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn Fabray on the FOX musical series, is spotted on a wheelchair during the filming of the show on Tuesday, February 21 in Los Angeles.

New 'Glee' Set Photo Offers Hint to Quinn's Fate After the Shocking Cliffhanger
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"Glee" leaves fans guessing about the fate of Quinn Fabray following a shocking scene toward the end of its winter finale. However, a new picture taken from the set of the show might provide an answer about the beloved character's future after [SPOILER ALERT!] she is involved in a traffic accident while heading to Rachel and Finn's wedding.

In the photo, the Quinn depicter, Dianna Agron, is seen sitting on a wheelchair during the production of the show taking place on Tuesday, February 21 in Los Angeles. It leads to a speculation that the Yale-bound McKinley student might survive the car crash, but is not able to walk.

Another shocker featured in the February 21 outing of "Glee" is Dave Karofsky who attempted suicide after being outed and bullied by a football teammate at school. Asked if his character will return after the hiatus, Max Adler revealed, "I won't be in the next episode after that, but as for the future? There's [nothing certain]. I would love to portray this character the rest of my life... But as far as actually knowing what's happening down the road? I don't know; we'll just have to see what happens."

On the beautiful life Kurt envisions for Karofsky, the actor commented, "That's basically what gives Karofsky hope that there will be someone that will love him for who he is and he won't have to keep this mask on and continually hide himself from the world. And that, to me, is the message that I would love for people to take away; you can be yourself."

Though Karofsky has declared his love to Kurt, Adler believes that his character never dreams of a future with Blaine's boyfriend. "I never thought Karofsky lusted after Kurt. I never saw it as sexual; I always saw it as a yearning for a genuine human connection," he explained. "Karofsky's whole life has kind of been playing this role and being what everyone wants him to be and tells him to be."

He added, "But [then] he sees Kurt as a beacon of hope - somebody that can truly be who they are, say what they want to say, feel what they want to feel, and not really care what society has to say about it. Karofsky finds that so incredible and has such respect for Kurt... I think there is a true friendship there. Kurt really is the guy that helps Karofsky see the light and brings him out of his darkness."

Defending the inclusion of the storyline on the fun show, Adler stated, "To me, it's the paradox that you're showing high schoolers with their wide-open future and optimism and hope and they can do anything, but you can't show that without showing the struggles, fears and anxieties that one has about not knowing the next step or not knowing who you are or what to do. It's necessary to go there and to show that on TV so that you can appreciate the other side of things."

"Glee" will return with the remainders of season 3 in April. Beside the fate of Quinn, the upcoming outing is expected to address whether or not Rachel and Finn tie the knot.

Last scene of "Glee" episode "On My Way":


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posted by Pamela on May 07, 2012
I dont want quinn to be in a wheelchair.she's to beautiful for that!
posted by Ana on Apr 07, 2012
YAY she is alive. 1I don't want Quinn with Artie.2I want Faberry!! please Ryan Murphy?!
posted by AggieD on Mar 26, 2012
No, Quinn died. Hah.
posted by Rachel on Mar 15, 2012
I think now they will go out. This will shake up glee forever
posted by Starla* on Mar 14, 2012
omigod i hope thats all i dont want her to go yea shes alittle selfsigh like for useing the birth ofBeth as an excuse for many things but that dont mean she has to die please dont die Quinn!!!!!
posted by Glee loser on Feb 22, 2012
I don't want Qinn to be in a wheelchair.
posted by jhonnyappleseed on Feb 22, 2012
Thank god Quinn is only going to be in a wheelchair I would like cry forever if she died!!!
posted by Jmoore on Feb 22, 2012
Do you think there's a future for Quinn and Artie?
posted by mrrmrrluvsglee on Feb 22, 2012
I get goosebumps every time I watch the end of this clip!! I'm happy she's still living and might be in a wheelchair!!
posted by Bella on Feb 22, 2012
OMG I am so happy to know she is alive!!

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