Chris Brown's 'Turn Up the Music' Ft. Rihanna Comes Out

February 21, 2012 01:30:40 GMT

Riri's additional verses on the song's remix include suggestive lines, 'Turn up the music cause I feel a little turned on.'

Chris Brown's 'Turn Up the Music' Ft. Rihanna Comes Out
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On the day Rihanna turns 24, Chris Brown drops one of their widely-rumored joint tracks. He unveils a revamped version of his new single "Turn Up the Music".

Riri inserts her verses in between the original lyrics and upbeat music of the club-ready song. "Turn up the music cause I feel a little turned on/ Turn up the music, don't you try to turn me down," she sings. "Turn up the music, fill me up and take me down."

Her lines have similar rhymes to the original lyrics Breezy delivers at the beginning of the song. "Turn up the music, cause this song just came on/ Turn up the music, if they try to turn us down," he performs. "Turn up the music, fill your cup and drink it down."

Idea about Breezy and Riri's duet drew controversy since it was presented to music fans and critics earlier this month. Both of them ignored the protests with the former tweeting, "Let them be mad!!!! We make music. Don't like it, don't listen!" The latter wrote on her page, "They can say whatever, Ima do whatever... No pain is forever."


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posted by lady swag on May 30, 2012
they are realy good together in the song what ya be saying cuz you be hating on rihanna and chris about there past u all people who talk about breezy like he did'nt change shut ya mouth cause he did change i am happy that they can talk to each other and not have probs cause not every one can do that + handle it in a responsible manner lol i talk to much love

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