NBC's Anchor Released From Hospital After Being Bitten by Dog on Live TV

NBC's Anchor Released From Hospital After Being Bitten by Dog on Live TV

A rescued dog, which attacked 9News' anchor Kyle Dyer during the live broadcast of an in-studio segment, is being observed by Denver animal control.

Kyle Dyer, an anchor for the morning and noon broadcasts of Denver's NBC affiliate 9News, is recovering after a dog bit her in the lip during a live broadcast of a news program on Wednesday, February 8. She has undergone a successful reconstructive surgery and has been released from a Denver hospital hospital on Thursday.

In the segment that went awry, Dyer was interviewing the dog's owner and rescuer about its rescue from a frozen reservoir. When she leaned toward the Argentine mastiff dog called Gladiator Maximus, it turned its head and attacked her.

Patti Dennis, the network's vice president of news, stated, "Kyle says she wants everyone to know she is OK and is concerned about the viewers who were watching the incident live on TV." Footage capturing the incident has since hit the web, but 9News has asked websites which put it online to take it down.

The rescued dog, Max, was later taken to a Denver animal shelter where it is under a 10-day evaluation, but it will be released to his owner if it shows no further irregular behavior. The owner Michael Robinson, meanwhile, has been cited for Denver Animal Control for not having the dog on a leash, although he held the dog's collar during the interview.

Several animal experts, however, said it wasn't all the dog's or the owner's fault. Colleen Safford, a prominent New York-based dog trainer, explained that dogs talk with their body and "this dog was repeatedly 'telling' the anchor that she was making him uncomfortable and if she didn't stop, he would bite."

In a similar statement, Ron Berman, a canine behavior specialist, claimed, "Basically, she [Dyer] did everything wrong." He added, "She went up to a dog she didn't know - who didn't know her - and she either tried to kiss him or hug him or put her face too close to his face. He felt threatened and bit her."

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    Marathon guy
    Feb 11, 2012

    I will never trust pit bulls, this woman has no clue. They are not cute and cuddly. Hope she learned something.

    Feb 11, 2012

    @marathon guy you have to be kidding me. pit bulls are amazing animals, stop listening to crap you hear and actually do some research before you try and brand the breed as dangerous. ALSO: this dog is not a pit bull. seriously learn something before you post crap. anyways, like ANY animal when threatened, the dog was simply defending himself. this anchor clearly does not know anything about canine body language and is stupid for trying to kiss a dog she doesn't even know. she got what she deserved. and maybe she will actually learn something from this

    Feb 10, 2012

    Don't blame the dog. I once witnessed another dumb human that was trying to listen for St. Bernard puppy heartbeats while the mother was whelping. He had a cut on his forehead and another on his chin. You never put your face in a dog's face that you don't know.

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