Halle Berry Moving to Europe, Gabriel Aubry Upset

Nahla Ariela Aubry, Halle Berry

The actress filed papers with the court, requesting a permission from the judge to take her daughter Nahla with her to a new residence.

Halle Berry, her fiance Olivier Martinez and her baby Nahla Aubry are migrating to Europe. The actress is asking the judge in her custody case against Nahla's father Gabriel Aubry for a permission to move to France where Olivier resides.

According to TMZ, Halle's ex Gabriel is strongly against this idea because he believes that her move to Europe is only one way to keep Nahla away from him. Gabriel is also upset that Olivier will get to stay with Halle and his daughter when they move to France. The "Dark Tide" actress has filed the papers with the court and a hearing is pending.

Previously, Halle and Gabriel have been advised by Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Service to go on a parenting counseling. "The report recommends that Halle and Gabriel attend parenting classes together, so that they can co-parent Nahla together," a source said. "The classes will give them the tools to work through their issues, and hopefully become better parents for it."

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    Feb 10, 2012

    Halle is trying to keep this child(who looks just like her dad I must add)away from him. Halle is a mean woman. No child should be kept from his/her father. I have two daughters, and I know I would be crazy, if my wife put me through what Halle is putting this dude Gabriel through!I feel sorry for him.

    Feb 09, 2012

    I am a Halle Berry fan, but as a child of divorced parents, I am with Gabriel's side on this issue. She's trying to turn Nahla against Nahla's dad, Gabriel, and Gabriel knows it and is trying to put a stop to it. I think that Halle paid the nanny to lie about Gabriel hitting her with Nahla in her arms and that's why the judge denied the restraining order request. The judge needs to grant at least full emergency custody to Gabriel for fear of Halle fleeing with the kid and let Child Welfare officials investigate to see what is true and what isn't true.

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