'The Bachelor' Recap: Courtney Goes Bikini-Less, Rejects Emily's Apology

'The Bachelor' Recap: Courtney Goes Bikini-Less, Rejects Emily's Apology

While Ben appreciates Courtney's 'assertive and confident' acts, he is disappointed that Casey hasn't been honest with him about her not-yet-over relationship with a guy back home.

Courtney continued to grab Ben Flajnik's attention with her racy acts on "The Bachelor". After taking the winemaker for a skinny dipping, she showed some skin again during a group date with Emily, Nicki, Lindzi, Casey S. and Jamie on the Monday, February 6 episode.

"Why be modest? Go bikini-less!" she declared when the girls were told to put on tribal garb at the Embera Village in Panama. She decided to wear a beaded top with nothing underneath, leading ABC to put a big black bar across her chest.

Ben appreciated Courtney's action, telling her later during a private talk, "I want to let you know that I really appreciate the fact that you notice me and you're assertive and confident. ...don't stop doing it." The model wanted to "keep that spark alive," inviting him to her room but the winemaker never showed up anyway.

Emily, meanwhile, decided to use her private time with Ben to admit about her "other man", who is the Kansas City Chiefs. Ben admired her sense of humor. Later, Emily tried to make amend with Courtney by publicly apologizing to her, but the model did not accept it. "I mean, I can't give you what you want to hear. It is what it is," she reasoned.

Despite Courtney's effort to win Ben's heart, it's Lindzi who got the rose for the group date.

Prior to the group date, Ben took Kacie B. to a deserted island for a one-on-one date. During a dinner, Kacie B. opened up about her eating disorder in high school and that now she realizes "you don't have to be perfect." She got the rose from Ben as a reward.

Blakeley and Rachel, meanwhile, were invited for two-on-one date. Things went well until Ben gave the rose to Rachel. Blakely, who had presented a scrapbook of her feelings to him, walked away and cried. "I'm sorry, Blakeley," Ben said before letting her get in the car and go home.

Adding more drama, host Chris Harrison showed up to confront Casey about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. "We talked to Michael. He said you guys are still in a relationship," Chris told her, which she denied.

Casey finally talked to Ben about this, admitting that she's still in love with Michael. Ben was disappointed that Casey did not tell the truth since the beginning because there are other women he sent packing who deserved her spot. "I think that you should go home," the bachelor eliminated her.

At the rose ceremony, Ben had to sent another girl home. "I think it's either Emily or Jamie," Courtney made her prediction. Jamie, who tried to seduce Ben at the cocktail party, eventually got the boot.

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    Feb 07, 2012

    Man oh man, don't think Ben has anything on his mind but sex! If he can't see through Courtney's actions, let him have her, that twisted lower lip action and all. She the full package of Beauty and the Beast!!!

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