Video: Carrie Underwood Announces New Single 'Good Girl'

Video: Carrie Underwood Announces New Single 'Good Girl'

The 'Cowboy Casanova' singer co-writes the upcoming single with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley, and will release it in February.

Three years after releasing her third studio album "Play On", Carrie Underwood finally reveals a new single for her next effort. In a video message, the "American Idol" alum announces a song titled "Good Girl" as her first official offering from the new CD. "It will blow you guys away," so the country/pop singer promises.

Underwood penned the single with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley, who co-wrote two of her No. 1 hits, "Don't Forget to Remember Me" and "All-American Girl". "We had a blast writing it," she recalled the session. "I'm really excited for everyone to hear it. It's pretty rockin'. We went into the writing session thinking we need to write something that just kicks butt."

"Chris DeStefano, one of the writers is - I call him a little mad scientist on all of his Pro Tools stuff - he, like, plays every instrument you could possibly think of, and he, like, started makin' this track, and we started...we just went. It was fast. We wrote it fast, and it's just fun! It's upbeat, it's fun, you stomp your feet, and you can dance to it. It's got this really rockin' verse, and this really, like, rockin' country chorus. So, it's just a really cool song."

The "Mama's Song" singer is going to launch the new track on radio on February 23, and will follow it up by releasing her new album, which is yet to be titled, later this spring. On top of that, she is scheduled to collaborate with Aerosmith' lead singer, Steven Tyler, on "CMT Crossroads", which will air on February 4.




    Feb 06, 2012

    Mike, Kim, and Lisa - you people must have no brains, no clue, or just jealous. Both Carrie's single and album have release dates and videos for her first two singles are ready. No doubt they will sell well as she's one of Country Music's best. Apparently, "desperate" only describes your situation in life.

    Jan 26, 2012

    Carrie is finished in country music!

    Jan 26, 2012

    {{ I tend to agree that this may be Carrie's only shot at another album }} They are probably giving the song away for free on the radio and hope it doe's very well. { This will be the albums best song } If it does not do well they may not make the album? There is no news of a video actually being made? Just rumors ;( If they where making a video there would be pictures up on the web of Carrie on location and there is not ;( A video goes on youtube with the song before the song goes out and since it is not there yet! This does not look good as they are not spending any money on this song and album yet ;( We may only see a song and not an album if the song does not do well :(

    Jan 26, 2012

    (( Carrie is forced to ask radio stations to play this song first? )) -- Why was it not sold on Itunes -- Where they affraid it would bomb ( not sell on Itunes? ) -- All other country singer sell there songs on Itunes first so they make there money -- Then they give it away to Radio to promote there album sales next! -- This sounds very very desperate to be giving the song away for FREE to radio stations first! (( Hoping Radio will play it ))

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