'Bachelor' Host Defends Shawntel's Return, Teases a Heated Rivalry in Next Episode

'Bachelor' Host Defends Shawntel's Return, Teases a Heated Rivalry in Next Episode

Admitting that the girls' reaction to Shawntel Newton's entrance was horrible, Chris Harrison says the funeral director 'wasn't prepared to be attacked the way she was.'

When Shawntel Newton unexpectedly showed up on "The Bachelor" this week, some of the girls who have been competing for Ben Flajnik's heart since day one deemed the situation "unfair". Chris Harrison, however, didn't think so since he believes that the contestant from the Brad Womack season has the right to get another shot at love.

"I still think that Shawntel had every right to do what she did," so the host of the ABC reality show expressed his opinion during an interview with TV Guide. "She had just as much right to go say hi to Ben as everybody else did; and if he wants to keep her, that's his prerogative."

Commenting on the girls' reaction to Shawntel's return, Chris admitted, "I thought it was horrible. I knew they weren't going to be happy, but they got mean. It was like a bad high school bullying session where they ganged up on her." He went on revealing, "Whether he [Ben] kept her or not, she was prepared for that, but she wasn't prepared to be attacked the way she was."

Chris additionally believed that how the girls reacted to Shawntel's entrance affected Ben's decision not to keep her on the show. "There was a chance he would've kept her if not for the long haul, at least for the next week. But once he saw the reaction from the girls, and the meltdown going on, that had a lot to do with it. Ben was smart and the chance of maybe hitting it off with Shawntel is not worth losing the entire house," Chris explained.

The latest "Bachelorette" star, Ashley Hebert, who once also took part in "Bachelor", could not help branding the girls mean after watching the January 16 episode. "I have so many thoughts on last night's show. First of all, how mean can these girls be?!," the fiancee of J.P. Rosenbaum stated.

"It was a classic case of mean-girlism, that's all I have to say about it," Ashley, who dumped Ben in the season finale of "The Bachelorette", additionally told E! Online. "I cannot believe the way Shawntel was treated by some of the other girls. It absolutely blows my mind."

Ben indeed did not give a chance to Shawntel to date him, but it does not mean the tension among the girls is over. Teasing about next week's episode where Ben and the remaining ladies will head to Park City, Utah, Chris revealed that "everything is about to unfold with this rivalry between Courtney and Emily."

The host further shared, "Emily is about to be taken far out of her element because I don't think [she's confrontational]. I don't know if Courtney is just smart or good at this, but she pinpoints Emily, goes after her and it almost gets to the point where Ben is forced to pick a side. It gets ugly."

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    Did anyone think the skiing down the streets of SF in bikinis was really skanky looking?

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