Geoffrey Zakarian Is 'The Next Iron Chef' Season 4 Winner

December 19, 2011 08:24:35 GMT

Beating out Elizabeth Falkner in the finale, the New York chef says it's 'extremely humbling to be an Iron Chef.'

Geoffrey Zakarian Is 'The Next Iron Chef' Season 4 Winner
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It's another battle on another TV show on Sunday, December 18. While the final three castaways pled their win on "Survivor: South Pacific", the remaining two chefs on "The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs" showed off their cooking skill and made the best dishes for the judges.

Taking place in the Kitchen Stadium, Geoffrey Zakaria and Elizabeth Falkner faced off each other in the finale. Iron Chefs Bobby Flay and Masaharu Morimoto came as guest judges, joining regular judges Simon Majumdar, Judy Joo and Michael Symon.

The two finalists had to make holiday meal using secret ingredients including beef crown roast, candy canes, clementines, acorn & butternut squash, salt cod, brussels sprouts, unfiltered apple cider and parsnips. They must create three Christmas theme dishes with those ingredients.

After 14 minutes passed, the Chairman revealed the first surprise which forced them to use cranberries as another theme ingredient they must create a dish with. On the positive side, they were given a chance to pick one former competitor from the audience as an additional sous chef for 15 minutes for each side of the kitchen. Zakaria and Falkner agreed to choose Alex Guarnaschelli.

When 30 minutes already passed, the Chairman revealed the second surprise which was to create a frozen dessert using the ice cream machine. With only 15 minutes remaining, the pressure got higher after the Chairman announced the third surprise which told the two competing chefs to make a "holiday-themed" cocktail served in a martini glass.

After tasting the dishes presented by both Chef Zakaria and Chef Falkner, the judges weighed in on the two finalists before picking their personal winner. It was later announced that Zakaria won over Falkner. Commenting on his victory, the New York chef who had also competed on "Iron Chef America" said it's "extremely humbling to be an Iron Chef."


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posted by Boogerpants on Feb 01, 2012
I wonder if he's gotten the elusive 5th fireplace yet. I can't stand this hack, skills or not. Cooking skill and knowledge are important, but none of us will ever get to taste his food. He just doesn't have any redeeming quality. The lack of personality and the abundance of former employees who are trying to sue him for breaking labor laws will soon catch up to him. I'd love to see this guy making eggs at waffle house by the end of his career.
posted by chiquibon2 on Dec 27, 2011
Geoffrey Zakarian truly deserves the title Iron Chef. I was rooting for you from day 1.
posted by wildflower on Dec 24, 2011
I think the rules were different for him he should have been off long ago, I won't be watching him, he has no character just an arrogant chef who has no creativety. SOS as always.
posted by Cinar on Dec 21, 2011
Congrat Chef Zakarian. Your cooking skill is amazing.
posted by kgjb4 on Dec 20, 2011
You are the best ~ Congratulations on your win!
posted by Kactus-Kat on Dec 20, 2011
Well, I'm sure you'll be an honorable Iron Chef, but I really REALLY am a Chef Faulkner fan, and would've really liked to have seen a woman woman win. I love Alex, too, and was glad she made it closely to the end.
posted by regina on Dec 19, 2011
Whoohoo....SOOOOOOO Glad Geoffrey won!!!
posted by cookie on Dec 19, 2011
The absolute correct winner! Falkner is also good, but Zakarian is the absolutely pure chef! congrats!!
posted by Jo on Dec 19, 2011
I picked you to win from the very first, Chef Zakarian, and never lost faith. Congratulations.
posted by Kathy on Dec 19, 2011
posted by Donna on Dec 19, 2011
Congrats.....I picked him to win on DAY ONE - even before the cooking began...Love the way he is a judge....very kind and not too critical...
posted by stacy on Dec 19, 2011
Congratulations Geoffrey a job well done~ I couldn't decide who I wanted to win, because I liked you both!
posted by tuescon on Dec 19, 2011
this is crap. zakarian sucks!!
posted by Natalie/Narine on Dec 19, 2011
Congratulations Geoffrey. We were at the edge of our seats when they anounced that you are the winner. Job well done. My daughter 12 year old loves you and she was praying for your victory. Bravo.

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