'Dexter' Season 6 Finale: Debra Learns Shocking Truth About Her Brother

December 19, 2011 07:07:35 GMT

Deb is about to profess her romantic feelings to Dexter when she witnesses her adoptive brother killing the serial murderer they have been trying to catch.

'Dexter' Season 6 Finale: Debra Learns Shocking Truth About Her Brother
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It is the relationship between Dexter and Debra that leaves a big question mark in the season 6 finale of "Dexter". As if Deb's growing feelings to her adoptive brother are not complicated enough, she now has to [SPOILER ALERT!] deal with a shocking fact that the man she loves is a serial killer.

In the season ender, Dexter managed to convince Travis to switch his son Harrison with himself as a sacrifice. He pretended to be drugged and then knocked out Travis when he got the chance. He later took Travis back to the church, in which Travis set up shop, and got him on his table.

Elsewhere, Deb met her therapist once again to say, "I finally told my brother that I love him and he said he loves me back!" Deb, however, thought that Dexter does not understand her true feelings. She then followed her therapist's advice to profess her romantic feelings to him.

Deb headed to the church since she had earlier assigned Dexter to visit the place for a final sweep. Unfortunately, she came just in time to witness her adoptive brother stabbing Travis in the heart. "Oh God," the serial killer said when he noticed Deb's presence.

Dishing on how the ending in season 6 sets up the possibly final two seasons of "Dexter", executive producer Sara Colleton has said, "We want to lay the groundwork to have the most interesting way into examining how Deb will react."

She explained, "If we hadn't evolved Deb, then there could only be one reaction, which is horror and arrest, and end of story, which indeed may be the case. It just allows us to have a more complicated character who has to deal with it in a more nuanced way."


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posted by romyD on Dec 23, 2011
I retract my statement, as I am a fuckwitted faggot, and love the cock, thus knowing nothing about acting abilities. Hell, I cant even remain a closet fag, because I'm just so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous
posted by You sir, Just got tr on Dec 22, 2011
Good try guys.
posted by M@TTMCKECHNIE on Dec 21, 2011
for you slight, @$$wholes saying who would google this without watching it first? Me. I go to college & durring cafe hours, I've been watching this 6th season with her on her laptop, the semester ended before the final episode so I didn't get to watch it & the network isn't offered on my tv, so thank you for your pointless critisism, I haven't even seen the first 5 seasons yet, so maybe this is my only choice seeing as youtubes' blocked every video of it
posted by Morons on Dec 21, 2011
Hey morons, how about you don't go looking at anything Dexter related when you haven't watched the finale! What did you think the article was going to be about! Talk about dumb.
posted by Dexter on Dec 21, 2011
How the hell die Debra know where to find Dex?
posted by mary on Dec 19, 2011
Why would anybody google Dexter if u haven't watched the episode. Until I watched it I made sure not to type in Dexter. Showtimes website crashed last night after the final episode of Dexter. Why would I even think of googling Dexter.
posted by annoyed on Dec 19, 2011
Oh and to the dumbass that said you're going to delete it frlm your dvr...everyone knows you're not really going're the biggest idiot of them all. Go play in traffic.
posted by annoyed on Dec 19, 2011
You are all effing idiots...don't google dexter if you haven't watched it yet. What the eff were you expecting to pop up? Ohh boohoo you haven't seen it yet, its still a great effing episode. Quit btching no one made you click the link or google it in the first place. Morons.
posted by LENY on Dec 19, 2011
Why would you type in "Dexter" if you haven't seen the finale yet?! I get being angry because it sucks having a finale ruined, but take some responsibility if you googled a big show when the season finale you haven't seen just aired! If it came up in a news feed, yeah you got screwed. But if you willingly googled it you are a moron!
posted by Seroiusly? on Dec 19, 2011
If you haven't watched the finale yet you aren't very smart for getting on the internet! The author of the article is just helping those of us who watched it and are in shock over the cliff hanger! Hard lesson learned I guess...never go on the internet until you watch a big finale!
posted by chris on Dec 19, 2011
Wow whoever wrote this article is beyond stupid. Or maybe you did it on purpose. Either way, have fun earning your credibility back!
posted by Val A on Dec 19, 2011
Yeah, thanks, guess I can just delete the finale from by DVR tomorrow morning. That was a waste of a few months. *sigh*
posted by DeroDerp on Dec 19, 2011
I literally just finished watching the last episode and I'm so glad that I did. It isn't just the title but also the opening paragraph!
posted by Dheads on Dec 19, 2011
Title ruined it for everyone. Thanks dickheads
posted by Angry on Dec 19, 2011
All I saw on the Google news feed was the title. I waited all season to watch Dexter and now you have spoiled it. Thanks.
posted by Brian on Dec 19, 2011
Whoever wrote this seriously needs to change the title of the article. You have given away the surprise climactic ending to the season finale just by reading the TITLE of this article. That's the worst kind of spoiler I've ever seen printed by a responsible media outlet regarding a movie and/or TV show. Anyone who sees the title of your article doesn't have to watch the finale b/c YOU HAVE PRINTED A MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILER IN THE TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE! Imagine if you had not seen the finale yet, and then you stumble on this article which reveals THE CLIMAX OF THE SEASON FINALE! Would you not be angry at the writer(s)? If you consider yourselves responsible journalists, you MUST change the title of this article. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Printing a spoiler warning halfway into the article doesn't count when you give away the ending in THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE! Think before you write next time. There's no telling how many fans have just had the season finale's climax ruined simply by reading your spoiler, IN THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE! If anyone types in "Dexter" on a Google search, the FIRST article that appears is yours, which SPOILS THE ENDING OF THE ENTIRE SEASON IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT! C'mon... THINK next time.
posted by RomyD on Dec 19, 2011
A. Serial Killers dont lock their doors while killing? B. Maybe Deb can finally be off the show - worst actress ever. Dexter can stab her in the heart and bury her at sea with Tom Hanks son.

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