'Burn Notice' Season 6 Promo: What Will Michael Do to Get Fiona Back?

December 16, 2011 06:48:36 GMT

Teasing about what's coming next after the season finale cliffhanger, Gabrielle Anwar says she hopes Michael will go to any lengths to free Fiona.

'Burn Notice' Season 6 Promo: What Will Michael Do to Get Fiona Back?
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Just when it seems that he's got everything he wanted, Michael loses someone that matters the most for him on "Burn Notice". A newly released teaser for the upcoming sixth season of the show highlights the season 5 finale cliffhanger and stresses that the new chapter will see Michael trying to get Fiona back.

The ultimate episode of the fifth season, which aired Thursday, December 15, ended with [SPOILER ALERT!] Fiona surrendering herself to authorities. Sharing her thought on her character's move, Gabrielle Anwar believed "it was inevitable." She reasoned, "I think it was the only choice that Fiona has. Otherwise Michael, Jeffrey [Donovan]'s character, is going to be strung along by Anson indefinitely."

"I'm hoping he'll go to any lengths to free me, now that I'm locked up," the Margaret Tudor on "The Tudors" teased about what Michael will do next in season 6. "I think that's perhaps one of the more realistic reasons why Fiona sacrificed herself, because she thinks that if anyone can get her out of jail, it will be Michael."

Dishing on Fiona's possible jail stint, Anwar told Entertainment Weekly, "I think Fiona had a hard time in a window washing outfit. I don't know if orange is going to suit her."

"Burn Notice" will return with the new season sometime in summer 2012.


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posted by Vaughan on Nov 05, 2012
Burn notice is a correct match-up of characters. Season 6 wik b a whole lot of hell 4 Micheal, trying to get fiona out.
posted by jamessiever on May 31, 2012
Hay if fiona leaves the show I am done an I have seen season 1 to5 but if she is gone I am gone
posted by kane on May 13, 2012
yeah if you watch full seasons of Chuck and then dive into the burn notice obviously you will think that Michael's father must be a spy and his death should be fake ....right ? :)))))))
posted by Marquet on May 13, 2012
I think the guy thats after Michael. Is his father that didnt really die. His death was faked. He has a artificial face like a plaster. That's the whole key to the mystery to burn notoce. Michaels father was a spy.
posted by semaon on May 09, 2012
Best show ever!!!, cant wait for the sixth season, the last episode of the fifth season has got anxious and waiting impatiently
posted by Fi💜mike on Apr 26, 2012
I love burn notice!! I think Michael should get fi back within like the first 3 eps. Of season six and the romance needs to be more exciting!!!!
posted by Burn Notice Army on Apr 22, 2012
I like Jessie, Micheal, Sam and Agent Pearce n=byt i especially like Fiona. Fiona should kill Anson and Micheal should get the girl of his dreams back. I LOVE THIS SHOW.
posted by Neil on Apr 15, 2012
Cant wait for season six love the show
posted by JJEASTWOOD234 on Apr 09, 2012
Burn Notice is the greatest TV Show. Mike's friends, Fiona, Sam, Jessie and Madilyn are great actors. They all support each other. Nate is the "Wildcard". Brennan was a great villian but got the axe. This show has great balance. That's a chemistry that you just can't force to happen. Keep making more seasons of Burn Notice. I'm a big fan.
posted by Mike on Mar 28, 2012
I love this show. And any wait till June for season six. You can't get ride of Fiona or Maddie. Nate I can see but no Fiona!! She makes half the show so does Maddie. I have seen every show and love it.
posted by michel weston on Mar 27, 2012
I Love the idea of another suspensful season of Burn Notice.
posted by Maggie619 on Mar 27, 2012
Tis show is amazing i cant wait for the next season :)
posted by Xander Crews on Mar 23, 2012
Jessie is a great character and it would be nuts to get rid of him. Nate is annoying and the show would be better off without him. Michael's mom is hit or miss. However, she's been much better the last couple seasons. Fiona is a good character as well. The show is great...but could do without Nate the annoying. I'll be watching as always.
posted by Jeneva on Mar 16, 2012
I'm addicted to this show ! And Gabrielle Anwar is mesmerizing !
posted by justanotherfan on Mar 09, 2012
I would like to see nate and his wife and kid in season 6. i think sometimes micheal is arrogant and condescending sometimes but he can also be really understanding and selfless.
posted by justanotherfan on Mar 09, 2012
When is season 6 airing? Does anyone know?
posted by justanotherfan on Mar 09, 2012
I love this show and all the characters in it and think they should shake things up by adding a new character with a new personality too.
posted by carrie on Mar 09, 2012
get rid of mom lung cancer would work for me, and Nade could die of retardation. and ya another women, hot cyber maybe. Fiona will get mike to help some innocent in while in the house.
posted by Mattthe kat on Feb 16, 2012
Fiona is hot. As much as she likes to kick ass,she could have my back anytime.
posted by Mattthe kat on Feb 16, 2012
Jessie is cool is Larry still alive and how is michael goin to explain this to pearce. Wish nate was around more.
posted by peacemaker on Feb 15, 2012
Gabrielle Anwar is Fucking ugly, the show would be much better with another girl in her place.
posted by London guy on Jan 25, 2012
I love burn notice! Best show ever !!!
posted by John on Jan 23, 2012
They should not get rid of Fiona she's my favorite character on Burn Notice the show would be alot worse without her
posted by Jazz on Jan 23, 2012
My boyfriend introduced me to burn noticed and I watched season 1-4 all day everyday for like a week... I'm impatiently waiting till feb 8th for it to be realised... And don't get rid of Fi... She's amazing I like her character!!! I think I'm obsessed with burn notice it's bad...
posted by Doesn\'t matter on Jan 22, 2012
I think burn notice is fine how it is, the creator behind the scenes is a bloody legend. Does anyone know when season 6 is due to air?
posted by Yanta on Jan 21, 2012
Get rid of Fi. Hate her. Adds nothing to the show. Too violent towards Michael. Too Narcissistic.
posted by Zac on Jan 20, 2012
What do you want asshole from Jessie?
posted by Prime on Jan 16, 2012
Naah.Jessi is doing gr8.. He should be in show! Ya..they can add one more gal
posted by peach1880 on Jan 12, 2012
please keep jessie in the get the (bulldog) on their side kill the old sob and get fiona back she is the one keeping mikey from turning into larry
posted by CIA on Jan 11, 2012
why , Whats wrong with Jessie
posted by Princess Fiona on Jan 09, 2012
Burn Notice boss show and I agree with Young, Why get rid of Jessie? He plays an excellent role.I even agree with Hung too. :)
posted by Auxie on Jan 07, 2012
I think they need to introduce one more girl to their team, there are alot of options ... just a thought and No i don't think they need to get rid of Jessie
posted by young on Dec 25, 2011
why would you want jessie out of there i think jessie is doing great
posted by Hung on Dec 22, 2011
I wish Fiona should have pulled the trigger ...
posted by Westonlover on Dec 21, 2011
Please get rid of Jessie this new season

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