Nicole Scherzinger Inconsolable After Rachel Crow's 'X Factor' Elimination

December 09, 2011 18:44:03 GMT

Sources connected to the production said Nicole bolted right for her dressing room and was 'inconsolable' about the situation.

Nicole Scherzinger
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It looks like the pressure of being "The X Factor (US)" judge has taken its toll for Nicole Scherzinger. The determining judge for the fate of Rachel Crow on Wednesday, December 8 night episode, Scherzinger could not help but to cry for the next 30 minutes after it was announced that Crow was going home.

What viewers watched on television was Scherzinger choosing a "Deadlock" in the final vote between Crow and Marcus Canty. When the young girl was eventually sent home based on America's votes, both Crow and Scherzinger broke down in emotional tears. The singer judge even turned down the chance to comment about Crow on stage.

TMZ said that Scherzinger continued to cry even after the cameras stopped rolling. Once she got booed by the audience for causing the elimination of Crow, she went straight to her dressing room and cried hysterically for nearly half an hour. It took Crow's visit and consolation to her room to stop her from tearing up. They both cried in her room but Crow told Scherzinger that she was not mad about the decision.

Scherzinger and fellow judge Paula Abdul had received death threats last week for voting off Drew Ryniewicz.


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posted by Adrian on Dec 14, 2011
It was the public that voted her out not Nicole so leave her alone you moaning Dicks
posted by MacRanter on Dec 13, 2011
This show is, and has always been, about the judges. Its about them not losing face through unsuccessful mentoring because it might affect their own career. They are not 'Judges' they are 'Promoters'. That's why the mentors always vote for their own act, even if their act had no tongue they'd still choose them.
posted by bdonahueweedman on Dec 10, 2011
Theres a THOUSAND Marcus Canty's. Taylor Swift is all grown up and the little girls of America NEED someone without their boobs and ass hanging out all over the place. That little girl was AMAZING and Nicole is too immature for a show this big. She's disgusting. LOSE The groups. Boys, Girls, Over 30's and send Nicole Back to the Pussycat Idiots where she belongs.
posted by MAJOR on Dec 10, 2011
And one more thing. Drew and Rachel have more talent than Marcus could ever dream of having. Just keep stroking him LA. Thats what your good at.
posted by MAJOR on Dec 10, 2011
I quit watching after last weeks debacle. I'm tired of having Rap forced on me.LA needs to go.Nicole needs to go. Paula needs to go. As long as you have the judges mentoring the contestants, you are going to have the biased judgeing and the most talented contestant probably will not win. Oh by the way, you won't see me next year. I'm going to focus my attention on shows that showcase real talent and potential like American Idol or Americas Got Talent.
posted by Sad on Dec 10, 2011
Nicole. you were hired as a judge PERIOD. you did not do your job by freaking out on making an obvious decision. The guy was at the bottom for the 3rd time. Paula was very clear on that just like all of the audience. Why didnt you follow her just like you did when you voted the last one out? You took an unfortunate step to go to lockout. That was so cowardly that you actually dont deserve the job you were hired to do. If I were Simon, whom I idolize, I would have fired you on the spot for poor performance.
posted by jaileen on Dec 10, 2011
nicole,you were wrong you were brought to the show so you can judge but no all you did was sent home the nicest sweetest and one of the best singers i no.i was your fan now im your were so cruel.she is 10x better than marcus.rachel and melody dont give up you will be big o and simon great job i hope i get to be your student one day but right now im crying because that sweet girl was sent home because of nicole,nice,you shouldbe a shamed... i hope they get a new judge next year because this year is not yalls year
posted by janet on Dec 10, 2011
I'm done with the show. First a one note rapper gets through then the girl who rocked it went home. I wish I got paid tons of money for not doing my job.
posted by Jim on Dec 10, 2011
Marcus Choked on his save song. You could see it on his face that the song did not go well. Rachel Crow poured her heart with her song. She put him to shame. Nichole is a wimp. If she can't handle making tough decisions then quit. Rachel Crow out shined Marcus and shouldn't have been voted off. Still in a weird way this can work in Rachel's benefit. America is behind her now. You can't ask for a better way to start a new music career then this. Good luck Rachel in your music career.
posted by MomJ on Dec 10, 2011
Rachael is better than Marcus. I am so disapointed in Nicole. I feel like this is judge against judge instead of talent. I hope Disney gives Rachael a variety show. She would be Awesome in it.
posted by The Truth on Dec 09, 2011
Nicole is a coward and has her nose up LA's a**. She sabotaged a young career and everyone must stop telling her she did the right thing. If they continue, she may actually believe it and that will not help her learn from her cowardly ways
posted by kathy on Dec 09, 2011
Marcus is just a whiner,did everyone hear him say"the bottom 3 again!",he needs to go for that reason alone!!Rachal is a far better singer and nichole made a biggggg mistake!!!
posted by Jayla on Dec 09, 2011
I am very disappointed with Nicole. Rachel gave the best performance in the save me song and if she would have voted on that performance like she had done in the past. She did'nt have any problems judging the performances before and making her decision. I'm thinking its because of her and Simons relationship and I have lost alot of respect for her.Get over it Nicole nobody should be consoling you.
posted by rick on Dec 09, 2011
SIMON SO SCARED TO LOSE HIS SHOW THATS WHY HE BACK YOU UP.if you what to know the truth call me 615-448-5593-rick b
posted by rick on Dec 09, 2011
short and simple just go away.mybye to shame ilsand
posted by mosley on Dec 09, 2011
Rachel is and always will be TWICE the singer Marcus could never be. She has soul, vocal range and power. The Judge was a wuss ! Didn't want to be the one to send Marcus home and became the dunce forever more. she will not be a judge next season.
posted by Jodi on Dec 09, 2011
So? That girl is more filled with singing talent than the other boy Marcus, and she is very marketable. I am sorry, but Nicole should have been more mature and less selfish and consoled Rachel and then chose to react on her own without an audience and without having to be consoled by this child who was just eliminated. Of course Rachel was upset and shocked, she recognized her talent above some of the others and I am sure she was not prepared for her exit yet, as a talented singer or as a 13 year old child. Shame on Nicole for having to be consoled by Rachel at all.

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