'X Factor' Results: Astro and, Surprisingly, Drew Eliminated

December 02, 2011 02:58:28 GMT

Astro is immediately sent home on the December 1 result show, while Drew faces off Marcus Canty in the survival performances before being voted off 3-1 by judges.

'X Factor' Results: Astro and, Surprisingly, Drew Eliminated
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It's the last night for Astro and Drew on "The X Factor (US)" on Thursday, December 1. After going through a meltdown and finding his spirit back in the recent weeks, 15-year-old hip-hop dynamo Astro was automatically sent packing on the top 7 result show.

While Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow were declared safe, Drew and Marcus Canty were in jeopardy. The bottom-two position was quite shocking for Drew and her mentor Simon Cowell since she sang better than some other contestants on the performance night, though Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger criticized the staging.

Drew was up first to perform the survival song. She belted out "Listen to Your Heart" by Roxette. Marcus, meanwhile, chose to perform "Neither One of Us" from Gladys Knight.

The judges then cast their votes, with Paula, Nicole and L.A. Reid deciding to save Marcus. Only Simon, who took responsibility for Drew's bottom-two place and admitted that he should have not chosen "Billy Jean" for her to sing, gave his vote to the 14-year-old girl from Arizona. Drew soon broke down in tears as the other finalists rushed to stage and bid her goodbye.


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posted by asian on Dec 03, 2011
I am yellow and I love Drew voice. She is so much better than Marcus. I am really disappointed at Paula.
posted by sq on Dec 02, 2011
Drew was boring. She is incapable of adjusting. Marcus is talented and never talked back to the judges. For a religious person Drew got sent home because of her sinful pride.
posted by Terrah on Dec 02, 2011
I am done watching this show now! Drew was by far the most unique and the only one on the show that held the x factor!!! I believe that the judges got rid of her to protect themselves!!! Very very sad! Paula and Nicole will not only lose the game but fans themselves for this decision!!!
posted by xfactor on Dec 02, 2011
posted by Motocrossfan on Dec 02, 2011
I always liked Paula. I now can't stand to look at her. I hope Simon gets rid of her and the other female!!! Drew has an AMAZING voice!!!!!!
posted by bob86 on Dec 02, 2011
Only white people like Drew.
posted by Observer on Dec 02, 2011
When I heard Drew sang: 1st time: Special 2nd time: Nice 3rd time: Ok 4th time: I thought I heard it before already 5th time: Deja vu 6th time: No more 7th time Thanks Paula! The rest who wants to hear her should buy her CD when she has got one, but her time in X-factor is up.
posted by fitzbtitay on Dec 02, 2011
i really hate it that drew is gone, marcus is really annoying and he's not unique.....drew we will love you forever.......................
posted by Singer1 on Dec 02, 2011
Those who cant "SING", must "ENTERTAIN". No surprise the untalented singers Paula & Nicole voted for the entertainer.
posted by Really on Dec 02, 2011
Simon was so upset, because he knows that with the elimination of Drew, ratings for future shows just got slashed in half. Nicole & Paula are Wiggers.Reid was definitely picking one of his group. Marcus is fantastic, but he's like 100 other R & B singers you've already heard.Drew is truly unique.
posted by lrooke on Dec 02, 2011
Simon messed up big time with Drew,at least he took responsibility for it. This was such a collateral damage from the judges & Drew was caught up in the middle of it bless her heart.She is so talented,this shouldn't of happened. Get together judges.
posted by lora on Dec 02, 2011
tough call. drew has a better, more original sound but marcus was the better performer. still, she'll go really far. she should definitely have been in the top five, though. that's the annoying part. marcus is a better performer... but sounds like a zillion others. nothing original there.
posted by mistaa on Dec 02, 2011
Honestly it should have been both Marcus and drew to get sent home. Astro did an amazing job with MJ's son and made it his own. Both Marcus and Drew just makes you want to fast foward to the real talents on this show. I hope to god Rachel wins she freaking deserve it.
posted by Margie on Dec 02, 2011
I can't believe Paula did such a stupid thing.. She should have deadlocked the vote then America would decide..She voted against Drew to get back at Simon and Drew had to suffer.. and then we were left with Marcus who just can't carry a tune...if it was left to America's voting Drew would still be there.. I do not think this was fair and will not watch this show anymore...
posted by Nasty on Dec 02, 2011
Paula is bitter because all her contestants went home, the other onabee judges are just taking it out on Simon. This should not be about personal issues but about the talent
posted by ElCamino on Dec 02, 2011
Drew was my favorite. I would buy Josh's CDs. Melanie is great but very much a Maria Carrie. Paula fxxked up. They should have left it up to Americas votes.
posted by Jenness on Dec 02, 2011
Paula, you messed up. Should have left it to America - that was the right thing to do. Why save someone who is clearly not America's favorite? Only cause you like to be entertained? You let the most original go. Drew had a killer vocal.
posted by LITTLELION on Dec 02, 2011
posted by Lisa on Dec 01, 2011
Drew was the best on the show! I am her biggest fan. Simon should make a record with her. I will buy it for sure!!:)
posted by Lisa on Dec 01, 2011
Drew was the best on the show! I am her biggest fan. I hope Simon makes a record with her. I will buy it for sure!!:)
posted by zana on Dec 01, 2011
Paula disappointed us so much tonight, she showed her non inteligent and not so smart side ...Marcus is soo boring .Drew was one of the best voices ever heard in this kind of show . If the judges made this kind of a decision , what to expect from mediocre America?
posted by David on Dec 01, 2011
Drew was the victim of the racial imbalance of the judges. Simon must fix that next year and find color blind judges. Otherwise the show will be history. Wasn't it great getting rid of "Astro"? Regardless of the theme the performance was the same from this no talent punk. Josh and Melanie are the only truly talented contestants.
posted by reese on Dec 01, 2011
Eventually drew had to go home, she's a good singer but not entertaining like marcus. Marcus too will go home based on the fact that every contestant that got in the bottom 2 twice will eventually be eliminated. Even if drew stayed on, melanie,rachel, josh and chris are strong acts and they overshadow drew. I think audience are pretty much bored with marcus since he's been in the bottom 2 twice. If marcus doesn't put on a great show to keep the audience voting for him, he'll be the next to go home.
posted by Donna on Dec 01, 2011
Drew should not have been sent home. The women judges are bitches. Get rid of them next year Simon.
posted by vatoe on Dec 01, 2011
Paula messed up real bad. Drew is a very good singer, much better than Marcus

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