'Castle': Beckett Is Closer to a Relationship With Castle After Sniper Case

'Castle': Beckett Is Closer to a Relationship With Castle After Sniper Case

Beckett's memories of her getting shot surface when a sniper is terrorizing New York City, leading her to face the fear of losing life and decide to 'engage in a gift like a relationship with Castle.'

The long played-out romance between Castle and Beckett is definitely happening. Female lead Stana Katic has revealed that a sniper case in the Monday, November 21 episode of ABC's drama series "Castle" will bring the crime-solving duo a step closer to a romantic relationship.

When a sniper on a killing spree is terrorizing New York City, Beckett will be faced with memories of her getting shot. This will send Beckett into a downward spiral as Katic said, "It's the first time she's in a space of pure fear, and it's unusual for her and she doesn't know how to handle it."

Though Castle's jokes usually provide comfort to Beckett, this time Nathan Fillion's character does not know how to help Beckett get through this situation. "This is the first time that Castle is completely immobilized and he cannot help her," the actress shared. "The only person who does know how to help is Esposito [Jon Huertas]."

On the positive note, the sniper case will take Beckett to come to terms of her own experience and make certain decisions. "She's not willing to compromise living life anymore," Katic explained. "This case brings that fear of losing life to the forefront, something she's been able to tuck away since the shooting, and now she can't anymore because it's so close to home and so close to her own experience."

"Beckett decides to choose that she doesn't want to be defined the unresolved murder case anymore," the 33-year-old beauty went on adding. "She wants to engage in the gift that is her life and engage in a gift like a relationship with Castle."

However, fans should be patient to see Castle and Beckett together as Katic revealed, "That's not going to happen overnight, but that's a new direction for her now." She further elaborated, "It's a really sweet evolution to the character, to the story and to the love story. She comes one huge step closer to getting into that relationship with Castle."

Once Castle and Beckett open up to each other about their true feelings, Katic believes the couple's relationship will last longer. "I think Castle has more gravitas than we've seen. As the show continues, we'll see the other stuff that we haven't yet," the Canada-born actress explained to HitFix.

"We've seen lighter sides to her as well, so they're bringing balance to one another. All that matters in the end is they love each other and decide to commit to a relationship. They're at opposite ends, which I think can be a good thing, and I do think what they have what it takes to go the long haul."

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