Kurt Loder: Michael Jackson Was a Child Molester

November 08, 2011 19:00:37 GMT

The MTV personality said it plain and blatant that the late singer paid the little boys' parents to have them sleeping in his house.

Kurt Loder: Michael Jackson Was a Child Molester
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While the case is still hot, Kurt Loder risked the wrath of Michael Jackson's fans by saying that he believes that the late pop king was a child molester. Loder, a longtime face of MTV News, made the controversial statement on the "Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning" radio show on Tuesday, November 8 morning.

He was asked whether MJ's death was a tragedy and he replied, "It's a shame how he grew up ... his childhood was a shame ... there is many sad aspects to his life, ... on the other hand, I think he was a child molester, and that sort of tempers any feelings you might have about him."

Pressed further about his opinion, Loder claimed he knew about the money arrangement paid to the children's parents. "There were all kinds of children involved, there were payments made to their parents having sleepovers with little boys, and you're a 40-year-old man? Uh, no, you're like a child molester!" Loder said.

He concluded, "Maybe being a child molester is the product of a pretty terrible childhood he had ... you can see why that might have happened. On the other hand, molesting children is bad."


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posted by The Truth on Jul 30, 2012
You fans are DEAF, DUMB, and BLIND. The drug addicted freak molested little boys.
posted by k.123 on Jun 08, 2012
posted by Izzie on Nov 12, 2011
Kurt Loder is a pedophile
posted by Yodatoyou on Nov 09, 2011
Oh, I see why this clown "suddenly" has insider information and "opinions" about Michael Jackson. He has written a book! He is hawking his book! So it's easier and more profitable to use someone else's name and slander the dead who can't rebutt than to stand on your own merit because you're a good writer. This is another pathetic grifter using MJ for profit-- kind of like the "pedo" accusers did. And what exactly makes you better than them? What a loser.
posted by Kurt Loder is a Fa.. on Nov 09, 2011
Kurt Loder is a faggot nobody talks to the KING like that go and jump of a clip. I don´t even know who the fuck you are but you seem like a fag
posted by chillwill on Nov 09, 2011
Mr. Loder is an over the hill nobody still working for Mtv of all places! Like a few others, he claims to have knowledge that of what Mr. Jackson really did, but can't produce any of it. In case Mr. Loder forgot, there was a criminal trial. Any information that he supposedly knows about should have been submitted then. It's so interesting that he and others NOW claim to have all this information after the trial and after Mr. Jackson's death. Why can't they just be men about it. They don't like Michael Jackson. They hated his music; his creativity;his lavish lifestyle and everything else that him who he was. No, they don't the balls to do it. What is sad is that a man as old as Kurt Loder can't find anything better than this to say. I guess he's afraid to tell the truth because he's afraid he'll be labeled a racist. No need to worry about that.He'll be called what he really he is. A sad pathetic man who is jealous of the success of a dead man.
posted by Kurt sucks on Nov 09, 2011
Wow so Kurt knows about payout that even Sneddon and the FBI after 10 years could not find? Interesting and he never went to court with them? I will believe this as soon as I discover I am the queen of England....
posted by Isabella on Nov 09, 2011
Kurt Loder? Who the F*** is that? No One! And how is that he is such an expert on what is a child molester and who is a child molester? I think he better find some other way to get himself known because talking about MJ and Peodophilia (two subjects that do not correlate with one another) (Innocent as always MJ) is NOT the way to do it. Why don't he try to learn something like how not to be a such a HUGE douche bag!!!!!
posted by T on Nov 09, 2011
Kurt TOADER u r terrible! All for money! Hell' probably make bout half a penny...he'd have never said that if he was alive! Good thing Janet hasn't done an interview with him recently cause this probably would have been offensive!
posted by susan4MJ on Nov 09, 2011
And who is this quack? Never heard of him, sorry. Though, you perfectly look like the one you are accusing MJ of.
posted by Sapossin on Nov 09, 2011
Sad thing is, he was a child molester.
posted by NCMJFan on Nov 09, 2011
Mr, Louder, It's poor taste to speak ill of the dead. I pegged you to be a pedophile you fit the stereotype creepy old and white! Does that make you a pedophile no I'm an accuser. Sucks to be accused with no proff!
posted by 4commonsense on Nov 09, 2011
Sorry, Mr. Loder. Mr. Jackson never hurt a child in any way. You obviously didn't get the news--he was found Not Guilty on all 12 criminal counts in the '05 trial and the '93 accusation was proven to be the greed-driven actions of a wannabe screen writer who was insanely jealous that his son enjoyed a genuine friendship with Jackson. Listen to the elicitely-taped conversation his irresponsible doctor made--Jackson's heartfelt words spoke about building a huge children's hospital. I simply cannot imagine him ever doing anything harmful to child.
posted by libertyrodriguez777 on Nov 09, 2011
Kurt Loderr who? Who is this guy? Why should I care less what he says??? I don't really want to bother with this nobody's opinion. He is obviously clueless in what he's saying it's hilarious!!!
posted by Nina on Nov 09, 2011
Who the hell is Kurt Loder anyway..he is a nobody there are probably people who don't even know who the hell he is. I agree with the poster who said IF he has *such inside info* that the FBI and DA couldn't even access then what is your sorry ass doing keeping it to yourself?!?!? Truth?? YOU don't know shit!!! People like you make me so sick, you will ruin a person's reputation with your idiocy on a dime .. EVERY TIME. Intelligent individuals bother to get the facts before they speak on what they DON'T know. The information is out there IF only you gave a damn to search for the facts and the truth. Ugh..go back to whatever hole you were hiding in for the sake of all of us.
posted by nancy on Nov 08, 2011
Kurt Loder should be ashamed of himself. This is it.
posted by Tinkerbelle on Nov 08, 2011
Thank you Nellie. This guy is another bastard without enough intelligence to research and think with his own brain. Stupid dumb idiot. Thank God MJ has THINKING people behind him as fans!
posted by Jackie on Nov 08, 2011
Aww...c'mon! You are only repeating History news. It's your believe that Michael's Bad but the very fact is there's no evidence. This is it. We all love you Michael..!!
posted by NellieO231 on Nov 08, 2011
Kurt Loder should be ashamed of himself. He intimates that he has some special knowledge. Maybe the D.A., the F.B.I. etc should talk to him if he has such "inside info" since they investigated Jackson for over 10 years and found exactly NOTHING. The reason Michael Jackson was acquitted was because it was a sham of a case. The proof was non-existent and the accuser and his family were known to be grifters who used various celebrities for all the goodies & cash they could get. They also accused JC Penney guards of sexual misconduct (they sure do have bad "luck") and got a $150,000 settlement. They tried to cash in on Jackson and it worked for awhile. He supported the whole family and they enjoyed spending his money. He was about to cut them off and they accused" him. They jury had a hard time not laughing a points throughout the trial. The one other time was 1993. In that case the father of a boy that MJ had befriended asked for $$$ for a movie project. MJ said "no" and voila! He's accused of molesting the kid. Jackson's record Co.s Insurance Co. paid the family so that Jackson could continue on the tour, making them lots and lots of $$$. It was their decision, not MJ's. HE wanted to fight it, they wouldn't let him. The grand jury did look into it but found no evidence. THAT is why it didn't go to trial. If there HAD been evidence no amount of $$$ could have prevented the case from being brought or the kid from testifying. He would have to testify via subpoena. There was no case because there was NO EVIDENCE.

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