Adam Lambert Facing Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

November 04, 2011 07:27:24 GMT

The runner-up of 'American Idol' season 8 is listed as a sole defendant in the lawsuit tied to a work called 'Beg for Mercy'.

Adam Lambert
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Adam Lambert is sued by Colwel Platinum Entertainment Inc. for "a 504 Copyright infringement case." The lawsuit is tied to a song called "Beg for Mercy" which he reportedly worked together with his guitarist Monte Pittman before he took part in "American Idol" two years ago.

However, a copyright registration was lodged in May 2009 for another work with the same title, "Beg for Mercy", according to In the paper, Wilshire Records Limited is listed as the claimant "by written agreement."

The complaint for the alleged copyright infringement was filed on November 1 in the California Central District Court, Los Angeles. The legal paper listed the "Whataya Want From Me" singer as a sole defendant. There hasn't been any comment from his camp regarding the issue.


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posted by Tess4Adam on Nov 27, 2011
I am a big Adam fan, but I was very disappointed with his first release "FYE" and his behavior on stage at the AMA etc. I love the song "Want", its more my style of music and from what Ive heard of BFM, it sounds awesome too. This is the real Adam! Not this pop stuff. I never liked it. Whatever fight they have with each over everything getting released right now, Im happy there is some nice ballads and some great Rock songs with Adam singing out now. The rest sounds just like Hollywood gossip to me.
posted by Mario on Nov 27, 2011
In both cases, BFM and Paramount Sessions did Adam sign a recording contract, so the label has the right to release the work. Adam Lambert & Steve Cooke featured both on Paramount Sessions have no say to whatever the label wants to do with the work. They were both hired to sing the songwriters songs to their best abilities.As bad as it is, unfortunately they have a right to sue Adam and he has to support both releases. The only reason that he claimed for years they are all demos is because he couldnt have entered into Idol with a pre existing recording deal. Mind you, Idol needed a professional to pull the rankings back up and certainly Simon Cowell made the most money out of Adam, $100 Mil. Not bad. So if anyone is at fault, its the Idol machine, fooling us into believing that we are watching singers on stage wit NO experience. Its all fake!!
posted by David on Nov 05, 2011
Valerie What you are saying is totally and unequivocally false.
posted by Lissy on Nov 04, 2011
@Valerie LOL Adam had a couple tracks on his myspace for free back before Idol, before anyone knew who he was but a handful of Wicked fans who loved the few times he went on as an understudy instead of just being in the ensemble. Beg For Mercy was not even one of those tracks. Their claim is ridiculous. Even if they somehow got a judge on their side, Adam wasn't selling them, the potential money in damages is negligible. The lawsuit is an attempt to smear Adam's name and be such a nuisance that he gives them a payout instead of having to with it. That's it.
posted by bb on Nov 04, 2011
Exactly @Lissy. May I add that the timing of all this nonsense is suspiciously close to the release of a single from Adam's REAL sophomore album. Coincidence? I think not! Deliberate ploy to unscrupulously cash in on Adam's fame? Yup!
posted by Lissy on Nov 04, 2011
Colwel Platinum Entertainment Inc and Wilshire are both the same people. They are trying to sell Beg For Mercy with misleading ads saying "New Adam Lambert Music" when it's really old demo work from years ago. Adam's lawyers stopped them, and now they have concocted a ridiculous countersuit. They are bottom feeders who at this point are probably just looking to score a payout.
posted by Valerie on Nov 04, 2011
Fans have stated that Adam posted some songs for the fans to download, so they wouldn't buy them from Wilshire. I am not an attorney, but you can't give away something that you don't own. If he gave away copyright material then it makes sense that he could be responsible for paying royalties on those downloaded copies.
posted by Judy on Nov 04, 2011
This means our idol Adam has made it to the top! Yay!

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