Fellow 'DWTS' Cast Respond to Maksim's Harsh Comment on Len Goodman

October 25, 2011 08:12:18 GMT

Karina Smirnoff says that Maksim Chmerkovskiy's statement does not reflect the other dancers' opinion, while Lacey Schwimmer believes that Hope Solo's partner has the rights to speak up his mind.

Fellow 'DWTS' Cast Respond to Maksim's Harsh Comment on Len Goodman
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Maksim Chmerkovskiy's outburst directed at judge Len Goodman during "Dancing with the Stars" performance show has got mixed reactions from his fellow cast members. Met backstage of the ABC show, Karina Smirnoff insisted that she and other cast members do not share the same opinion with her former fiance.

"We danced right after Maks so I just wanted to make sure that the judges made sure that we didn't concur with Maks' opinion...He needs a hug," Karina, who is partnered with J.R. Martinez this season, told E! Online. Lacey Schwimmer, however, tried to take a neutral position by saying, "He spoke his opinion and he should be allowed to do it."

Another pro dancer, Derek Hough, claimed he once did a similar thing to what Maksim did on Monday, night, October 24, but then he regretted it. "Sometimes you do take things personally...I did that one time with Shannon Elizabeth," the brother of Julianne Hough shared his own experience. "I went off. And I thought, 'Oh my goodness, I can't ever do that again!' I felt like the judges have been incredibly generous this season so I was surprised."

Echoing Derek, celebrity star J.R. said, "He [Maksim] did go a little too far with it, but it is what it is." Meanwhile, David Arquette hinted that he would never say such harsh comment to the judges, claiming, "I'm usually harder on myself than the judges."

Maksim himself has learned that not all of his fellow pro dancers agreed to his opinion. "Not all of them [share my opinion]," he stated. "Most of them, yes. But there are a few of them that actually went up to the judges and for some reason went as far as apologizing for me and disagreeing with what I said."

Explaining what led him to launch the harsh words at Len, the 31-year-old Ukrainian-born dancer said, "This is the first time she [Hope Solo - his partner] came out and she did exactly what she planned and there was no stress and no tension and it was a great performance... And to get comments that was the opposite of what it was, it wasn't even upsetting, it was more like, 'I have had enough!' You have an opinion. I also have an opinion."

Maksim additionally said that he will not change his mind about what he stated before. "I'm very clear in what I stand for," he insisted. Revealing that his mother's support is the most important thing that matters to him, he added, "I couldn't give a f*** what anybody else says."

Previously, Maksim waged a war with Len when the latter said Hope's performance that night was "the worst dance of the whole season." When the judge pointed out that he had been in the business for 50 years, Maksim snapped, "Maybe it's time to get out." This prompted another judge Carrie Ann Inaba to tell Maksim, "Don't be disrespectful like that."


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posted by ForgetMaks on Nov 23, 2011
If the Dance Pros cannot behave professionally they should quit - Maks is super arrogant and easily replaceable; judges need to express their opinions and offer criticism - it's called 'judging' and it's their job
posted by dash on Nov 01, 2011
It seems to me that if animal references and biased slights are par for the course amongst judges (only one of whom actually has professional ballroom experience btw), an expectation of "respect"and "professionalism" from the actual pros is absurd. Maks makes great tv and the judges set the standard of respect- or, in this case- lack thereof.
posted by vbh on Oct 27, 2011
The judges are way to hard on the dancers!!! NEW JUDGES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Rick on Oct 27, 2011
Let's not forget that this was the same week that Carrie Ann gave Nancy Grace a nine. No wonder Maks had his fill of all the favoritism, and Carrie Ann actually had the nerve to snap at Maks saying, "Don't be disrespectful." Apparently, she knows the word "disrespectful" very well with all her favoritism going on. It's really time for Carrie Ann to go if she thinks everybody is stupid enough to believe that Nancy Grace deserved a nine. Now that is what I call disrespectful! Even Lenny was being too kind by giving Nancy Grace a seven for that dance!
posted by KB on Oct 26, 2011
I love the show. Everyone has opinions. experience matters. Len is testy at times but Max can be arrogant to say the least. Makes good TV.
posted by hayabusa19 on Oct 26, 2011
These judges have always been biased. Remember the season with Bristol Palin? She was so bad, yet none of them called her anything close to "ewok" or "penguin," nor were the criticisms harsh. Len Goodman just proved that 50 years in the business does not bring about wisdom nor humility.
posted by claudia on Oct 26, 2011
Its not what you say as much as how you say it. Respect is absolute no matter what the circumstance. Let's set the right example for our children.
posted by dancer on Oct 26, 2011
DWTS doesn't need Max, who is super arrogant and disrespectful. I hope the produce can see that, this show doesn't need this kind of character/attitude. The judges are right, they give opinion on what they see, its up to the dancer to take it for self some improvement or not (talked back). Max get your own show and see if America like you.
posted by Debsafan on Oct 26, 2011
I remember how cruel the judges were to Kelly Monaco the first season. They loved John. Kelly got better every week and won. Then they made her do a do over so John could win. You couldn't even get on the phone lines to vote. They had her lines shut down. This show is far from fair. If they are not careful people might stop watching. Maks was right to call Len out. The judges are too big for their britches.
posted by joe on Oct 25, 2011
The judges make the show. The professionals are interchangeable. Max is too full of himself.
posted by Rocky on Oct 25, 2011
Go Mark you're absolutely correct. The favoritism is blatant and I must profess my enourmous dislike of Carry Ann; she's just a big fake.
posted by nana4riley on Oct 25, 2011
I have watched every season and every episode of DWTS. I beleive it is time for 3 new judges. They always show favoritism to 1 or 2 dancers.I always vote for an underdog who improves weekly.
posted by T on Oct 25, 2011
The DWTS judges have always been biased. They think Derek is the greatest thing since sliced bread and have also shown some favoritism towards Mark, Kym, and Cheryl. Conversely, they've always been very negatively biased towards Max, Lacey, and other pros who decided not to return (i.e. Dmitry, Edyta, Alec, Jonathan).

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