Report: Scientologists Sent in Mole to Dig Out Dirt From 'South Park' Team

October 25, 2011 06:53:32 GMT

A former Scientology executive says Scientology's OSA was actively investigating the show's offices in 2006 with an aim to silence Trey Parker and Matt Stone after they mocked the church.

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Scientologist leaders reportedly did not take it lightly when "South Park" spoofed its teachings in an episode that aired in 2005. A former high ranking official at the church, Marty Rathbun, has leaked a document which detail Scientology's Office of Special Affairs' (OSA) efforts to silence the show's creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

According to the document, the leaders of L. Ron Hubbard's religion ordered a private investigation to find weakness in the "South Park" team. It was said that the organization was identifying Parker and Stone's close friends, including John Stamos and his then-wife, Rebecca Romijn, to find a direct line into the writer duo.

Additionally, OSA tried to gather information such as trash collection of every public record available, including purchased phone records, hacked airline reservations [and] purchased bank records. Rathbun, who left the church in 2004, went on claiming that when this investigation stalled, OSA tried to send in a mole at "South Park" offices.

The organization then talked to a young filmmaker, who at that time had just had an interview with Llyod Kaufman (Parker and Stone's friend), to "get intelligence on their plans with regard to Scientology". The document revealed that the filmmaker agreed and planned to approach Kaufman to get introduced to the "South Park" creators and possibly get a job as an intern at the offices.

Rathbun noted that OSA's main activity "entails stifling criticism by an escalating gradient of techniques beginning with quiet investigation and moving up to infiltration, identification of and use of influential friends and contacts of the target, loud investigation, threats, attempts to harm the target financially, intense propaganda to discredit and ultimately, if all else fails, utter destruction of the target through overt harassment."


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posted by Gag Reel on Nov 09, 2011
This smells like another Internet hoax. There is way too much bad publicity to risk for any church to do anything that stupid.
posted by sam on Oct 25, 2011
Scientology was spoofed back in 2000 during the MTV Movie Awards. That is probably the genesis of the spying.
posted by Bobs your ucle on Oct 25, 2011
I am no fan of COS but something ain't right... In the atricle - it claims that Rathun left the Church in 2004 but the show in question aired in 2005! So how could he have information about something that had not happend yet? Either the article is wrong about one of the dates, Rathbun is telling a lie, the reporter is reporting false information or Rathbun really is OT and can see into the future! I kinda have my doubts about seeing into the future.

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