'Jersey Shore' Season Finale Rating Shows a Decline for First Time

'Jersey Shore' Season Finale Rating Shows a Decline for First Time

The ultimate episode of season 4 delivered 6.6 million viewers, down 13 percent from the season 3 finale which lured 8.8 million audience.

"Jersey Shore" did not post a record breaking rating with its season 4 finale. Drawing 6.6 million viewers, the season ender which aired last Thursday, October 20 even dropped 13% from season 3 finale which lured 7.6 million viewers.

This marks the first time the MTV reality show suffered a decline in rating for the season closer. Back in season 1, the last episode posted in 4.8 million. The number was up to 6.1 million for the second season closer.

"Jersey Shore" actually started out its fourth season impressively with 8.8 million total viewers tuning in the first episode in August. It was MTV's most-watched season premiere ever.

The show will return for a fifth season, which was filmed last summer, in January 2012.

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    Oct 21, 2011

    I hate to say it, but Nicole ruined this show, all on her own. It's funny how on the last episode they tried to blame it all on Mike, who by the way stayed under the radar for most of the Season, other than a few little pranks. All we heard or saw was how Nicole wanted to screw anyone she wanted and have Giani forgive her, Oh please don't leave me, all I did was have sex with Vinnie, and make out with Deena(the ugliest whore on earth) and that's all baby, what's wrong with that? The show no longer has the authenticity of Italian/American culture and lifestyle we all loved when we first viewed the show. It's a real shame. I did see a more mature side of Jenny and Sam, but honestly MTV should fine "Snookie" take it out of her pay, seriously. She ruined the show, and shame on you all for blaming Mike, you all treated him like crap, yet Nicole got away with murder, sad. Honestly.

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