Universal Music Denies Claim That Scotty McCreery Flubbed National Anthem

October 21, 2011 02:18:46 GMT

The label insists that the 'Star-Spangled Banner' lyrics Scotty sang at the World Series Game 1 sounded a bit different due to his southern accent.

Universal Music Denies Claim That Scotty McCreery Flubbed National Anthem
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Scotty McCreery didn't change the lyrics of "Star-Spangled Banner" when singing at World Series Game 1, so Universal Music Group Nashville says. The label fights report that the "American Idol" winner flubbed the national anthem at the October 19 event, stating "This is nonsense."

"We heard him sing the song live and have seen a taped version of his performance several times. He sang the lyrics correctly as they were written by Francis Scott Key," the company issues statement to Lifeline Live. "And we would bet most folks with a Southern accent would agree with us."

Scotty belted out the patriotic song before the Texas Rangers faced off the Cardinals last Wednesday. The "I Love You This Big" hitmaker opened the game with brief awkward silence due to mic malfunction, but he started over his performance smoothly soon after the problem was fixed.

Media quickly took a note that the lyrics Scotty sang sounded a bit different, prompting rumor that he flubbed the national anthem. The lyrics were supposed to be "O say does that Star-Spangled banner yet wave...," but he sounded to sing "No Jose does that ...." First Lady Michelle Obama was present at the game.

Scotty himself hasn't responded to the rumor. Instead, he wrote on Twitter, "Well, as mr George Strait would say, I wasn't here for a long time, but I was here for a good time! Great time in St. Louis yesterday!" A few hours before, he posted, "I am sooo pumped to be singing the anthem tonight!"

Regardless of the talk surrounding his "Star-Spangled Banner", Scotty actually had made sure he didn't make any mistake. "I am practicing every day," the 18-year-old country music told Zap2It. "My mom's making me write down the lyrics on a piece of paper. And that's how I study. That's the way to learn."

For the next three upcoming games at the World Series, Major League Baseball has just announced musical acts who will sing the national anthem. Trace Adkins will do the honor at the Game 2 on Friday night, Ronnie Dunn will perform at the Game 3 on the following day, and Zooey Deschanel will sing at the Game 4 on Sunday.


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posted by LS on Oct 21, 2011
To those that say that Scotty flubbed the lyrics,they are not familiar with southern accents. I agree that it was his southern accent, trust me I have that dialect and people misunderstand me all the time. The mic issue, heh stuff happens. Sounds like to me the journalist has nothing productive to do with their time, I wonder if they could sing the national anthem in front of thousands of people and make no mistakes. Maybe they should try so we can all critique them. Scotty did a great job!!!!
posted by Bill on Oct 21, 2011
He sang it earlier just month at an NC State football game, and did exactly the same thing, twice. He has some sort of gimmick of putting flourishes before his vowels.
posted by joylen on Oct 21, 2011
Scotty did great and did the anthem with the respect and dignity it warrants. His southern accent was what you heard. He did not say NO. People are jsut looking for something to criticize him for. Many have made the song sound like rock or pop or motown,etc., changing the tone.Scotty didn't try to make it anything...he IS country and so it sounded that and that was fine. Great job.
posted by Mamalety1949 on Oct 21, 2011
All of us Scotty fans at IDF stood behind you 100%. Thanks ACESHOWBIZ for this article for those few that like to make a lot of noise, ;-))
posted by Chris W on Oct 21, 2011
Agree - Agree - Agree! Thanks for setting the record straight - it was a wonderful day for Scotty - he did a terrific job! People should stop raining on his parade!
posted by Princessa on Oct 21, 2011
This whole "controversy" is plain silly. He sang the NA exactly the same at the NC State football game a week prior. What are the odds that he would flub the lyrics in the exact same spot twice? And besides, why would a nice young man with a Spanish-speaking Puerto Rican grandmother make such a "political statement?" Much ado about nothing.
posted by Pricessa on Oct 21, 2011
This whole "controversy" is just plain silly. He sang it exactly the same at the NC State football game a week prior. What are the odds that he would flub it twice at the same place in the lyrics? Besides, it's hard to imagine that someone with a Spanish-speaking Puerto Rican grandmother would make such a "political statement." Much ado about nothing.
posted by lucad on Oct 21, 2011
Guess it was a slow day in Hollywood so they had to find news... it was a perfect version of the National Anthem, despite the mike. Give me a break!

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