Sara Leal's Reason of Sleeping With Ashton Kutcher

October 13, 2011 17:01:01 GMT

'If I had known he was happily married, none of this would have ever happened,' the 22-year-old girl said to tabloid.

Sara Leal's Reason of Sleeping With Ashton Kutcher
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Sara Leal talks some more of her one-night-stand with Ashton Kutcher, defending herself that she wouldn't sleep with him if he was happily married. To Us Weekly, the 22-year-old blond insisted that Kutcher told her his marriage to Demi Moore was already on the rocks.

"He told a group of us that he was separated" from Moore, Leal said. She added, "I'm a normal 22 year-old girl, and I spent the night with someone who I thought was separated. If I had known he was happily married, none of this would have ever happened."

Leal met Kutcher in the bathroom of a hotel suit and later jumped into the hot tub with Leal and her friend. She said there was some kind of attraction between her and the actor which led to them hooking up later. "One thing led to another," she said.

Leal has been accused of being a home wrecker and for that she regretted the encounter. "My life has been a mess," she admitted.


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posted by Liza21 on Oct 22, 2011
FYI-I'm 21, working two jobs,paying my own way through nursing school-and my life is hectic. Not a mess. YOU MADE YOUR LIFE A MESS-and boo hoo. No sympathy here for you-poor bimbo. Get a life-get a job-quit trying to sleep your way to fame-and maybe you'll have some self respect. NO ONE RESPECTS YOU NOW. If you receive any money from all of this you should do the right thing and donate it to Demi and Ashton's DNA Foundation to stop the sex slave trade. Like you would ever have enough honor & decentcy to do that!!!!!! LOL
posted by Jim on Oct 15, 2011
I call home wrecking, money grubbing whore on this one. Maybe you should use the money you are getting from talking to fix your horrible, yellow hair. While you are at it, get a make up lesson.
posted by Jim on Oct 15, 2011
I call money grubbing white in this one.
posted by Rocks on Oct 13, 2011
What a way to solve the marriage on the rocks by hitting the nail more on the coffin with adultery. Normal 22 year old girls do not sleep with married men and wreck a family. 22 year old fame-whores and gold-diggers sleep with famous rich married men- that's normal for them. As for Ashton, just file for a divorce. Admit that Demi is too old for you and that you want to start your own young family. When a man cheats and the man and the world know it is wrong to cheat, that is the man's subtle way of saying, I want a divorce. Demi would be too dumb to not get the message of Ashton.
posted by AmyH on Oct 13, 2011
1 - If the marriage is "on the rocks, a sure-fire way to fix it is to screw a random skank! (heavy sarcasm there, in case you didn't catch it). 2 - If she really felt bad and her life has "been a mess," she wouldn't be broadcasting it to US Weekly, no would she? You saw a chance to bang a celebrity. Just own up to it, Sara.

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