Olivia Wilde Is Officially Divorced From Italian Prince Husband

Olivia Wilde, Tao Ruspoli

A Los Angeles County judge signed papers that end the 'Tron Legacy' beauty's eight-year marriage to Tao Ruspoli on September 29, more than six months after she filed for divorce.

Olivia Wilde is legally a single woman once again. More than six months after she filed papers to end her eight-year marriage to Italian prince husband Tao Ruspoli, the actress playing Dr. Remy Hadley on "House M.D." has her divorce finalized. PEOPLE reported that a Los Angeles County judge signed off on the final judgment on September 29.

The 27-year-old actress eloped with the 35-year-old documentary filmmaker in 2003 when she was just 19. She filed for divorce in March of 2011. Citing irreconcilable differences, she didn't seek spousal support. In the papers, it was also noted that the former couple have reached a private agreement on how they would divide their property.

Despite the split, Olivia claimed that she and Tao remain friends. In previous interview with Marie Claire, she said, "Even though it didn't work, there's nothing I regret about any of it. We're friends; his family is my family." Though so, she admitted, "The trauma of the whole thing has been humbling, and for the first time, I'm a little bit wobbly."

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    Unfaithfully Not You
    Oct 04, 2011

    Well, that was a marriage doomed to fail. Ms. Wilde used to work in porn (you can see old footage of her moaning in pleasure on redtube's site).. search "massage creep". Ms. Wilde has blonde hair in the porno clip. And that chick has an older sister who's also a mainstream actress. I think they're all sex addicts. Poor thing. As for her "Prince" of a husband? That guy is a fraud. Italy doesn't have any royal family. The Ruspoli's? Please.. what a crock of bulldonkey! There isn't any Ruspoli royal family of Italy. They made that garbage up. In other words, Ms. Wilde married a fraud. Tao is a name he got from a nightclub in Las Vegas and the Ruspoli surname is something he probably found off the Internet. The Italians are known for mafia/mobster familias. Not royalty. The only European royalties are of U.K., Spain and Monaco and a few slovak nations.. definitely not Italia (Italy). Sorry to break it to Ms. Wilde, but perhaps that's why she divorced Mr. Tao because maybe she discovered he and his cohorts were using her for her money. Which isn't that much, from what I could gather. Unfortunately, Ms. Wilde was duped by a fraudulent Cassanova (if you want to call him that). A supposed "Prince" that makes D-list Indy films that any one of your neighbors could produce of equal lack of substance? Stick to the fundamentals Ms. Wilde: in life, good things sometime take time.

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