Britney Seeks Homeless Fan to Grant Him Package of Her Catalog

Britney Spears

Having already prepared a special gift for the homeless man, Britney Spears tweets, 'I've got a package with my entire catalog with his name on it.'

Britney Spears follows the footsteps of Justin Bieber in seeking public's help to find one particular fan. While the Canadian singing sensation searched for a hysterical Belieber who cried for not getting ticket to his concert, the Southern Belle popstar is looking for a homeless fan who's asking for her new CD.

"If anyone can find this gentleman I've got a package with my entire catalog with his name on it....," the "Hold It Against Me" hitmaker tweeted. Along with the message, she posted a picture of the man holding a cardboard with a public plea which read, "Need to get new Britney Spears CD. Anything will help. God bless."

Britney is currently traveling across Europe for her "Femme Fatale" tour. While staying in London last month, she spared time to film a music video for her next single "Criminal". The clip drew controversy for using a fake gun, but her camp insisted she never meant to offend anyone because it's just a "fantasy story."



    Oct 09, 2011

    Honestly, first of all she can't copy X-tina's song "Beautiful" cuz the song was never hers. Its a remake! Thats a very old song. The old man coulda just been being sarcastic in putting Brittney's name. He probably was saying, "shoot I ask for food and u don't help. Bet ya if I say I wanna purchase Brittney cd's,then somebody would help." Damn shame.....

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