Kate Gosselin Denies She's Desperately Trying to Land New Reality Show

September 30, 2011 03:54:39 GMT

Blasting one of the sites which reported the rumor, the ex-wife of Jon Gosselin tweets, 'NOT 1 stitch of truth in radar article.'

Kate Gosselin
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Kate Gosselin would not let rumor about her struggling to land a new reality show spread wildly. Soon after the news surfaced, the 36-year-old television personality took to Twitter to deny it. "NOT 1 stitch of truth in radar article, once again... & radar u can't even report my website properly! It's:," she wrote, blasting Radar Online which was one of the sites reporting the story.

Radar actually was not the first which came out with the news since it also quoted from The Huffington Post's article. In the report, it was said that Kate was frustrated because she could not get a new job offer although "she has approached many different networks, including pitching a travel show idea to her old network, TLC."

Huffington Post's source said that the mother of eight relied on her fame to land a new reality show, but she was very surprised that she hadn't received a single offer. Moreover, a reality show casting director was quoted as saying that Jon Gosselin's ex-wife was in a difficult situation like many other reality stars who refuse to go back to their old jobs after being paid to work only three or four months a year.

In another tweet, the former "Kate Plus 8" star shot down rumor that she is under contract with TLC until February 2012. "That info is NOT true," she responded to a question from a Twitter follower who asked about the contract rumor.


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posted by Mimi on Oct 02, 2011
She's screwed, because nurses have to keep up on their licenses and skills. She can't just pop back in and pick up where you left off. I guess she thought the TV gig would last forever.
posted by Elsie on Oct 01, 2011
She just can't keep her trap shut. She always has to have the last word - just like when she goes on national tv to bash her ex. What will it take for this famewhore to get the message that people are sick to death of her? I hope I never ever see her ugly mug on tv again!
posted by brucietheshark on Oct 01, 2011
When will she realize she is a walking contradiction. At least Jon is working a regular job making a good living. Oh but according to Kate that is just mediocre. But having NO job is better then that? Dumb azz
posted by RokKandy on Oct 01, 2011
Honestly NO ONE wants to see her on tv. NO ONE was watching to see her they loved the kids. She has zero personality she's not fun to listen to. she is mean, rude, ignorant and narcissistic. She will GASP have to go back to nursing. She says that wont pay for the lifestyle in which she is accustom. WELL NO DUH.No more fake hair,tans nails huge shopping trips sports cars, hooker heels. Botox. fake tummy new boobs, She said it will take her away from the kids. Well doing a tv show in NY or LA would do the same. Last I heard she lives in PA.. Where is the sense in that?
posted by Rhowen on Sep 30, 2011
To all networks: khate said she does not need a TV job.
posted by Alona on Sep 30, 2011
make up your mind khate gooselin. It seems to me you're the one who was irresponsible for bringing out so many children without having a plan to feed them. Now, you're saying you will beg. Agree with Rhowen: LISTEN TV NETWORKS KHATE GOOSELIN DOES NOT WANT A JOB!
posted by Kate on Sep 30, 2011
I will do anything it takes to put food on the table and keep a roof over my 8 kids faces!!!!! Include beg for a job from anyone! Those lies are hurting my 8 lovlies!!!!!!!!! U hate childeen!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by suzoo on Sep 30, 2011
She's lying again. When she said "I'll be working my fingers to the bone for my kids" she really only meant "I'll be yammering to TLC and any other network who'll still take my calls about a new show for moi. For my kids, I mean." TLC and no other network will be calling HER (she's TV poison now), so she has no choice but to call them. So she's lying.

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