Lady GaGa and Beyonce Are Boring, Simon Cowell Says

Lady GaGa and Beyonce Are Boring, Simon Cowell Says

The 'X Factor (US)' judge includes Katy Perry in his 'boring' list and calls them the most boring singers in the world.

Simon Cowell might spark controversy with his latest comment. In the wake of the disappointing rating for his new reality show "The X Factor (US)", the media mogul threw a jab at Lady GaGa and her "Telephone" collaborator Beyonce Knowles.

"If you only ever heard Lady GaGa, she's the most boring singer in the world," the former judge of "American Idol" told the Mirror. He added, "You've got to see her - you need TV. Same with Beyonce. Or Katy Perry. We're all about image. You have to have that X Factor."

Despite Cowell's "boring" claim, GaGa and Perry proved to be one of the hottest music acts. Already bagging a bunch of coveted awards, the two singers recently nabbed two nominations at MTV's 2nd O Music Awards. The former is vying for Fan Army FTW and Must Follow Artist on Twitter, while the latter is up for Best Lyric Video and Best Artist With a Cameraphone.




    Sep 30, 2011

    wowA you are retarded. He just said that Beyonce is ONLY interesting if being WATCHED. If you listen to Gaga and perry they are definitely boring. Well not always, they do have some good songs. I was hoping simon would try to get the whole package. I think bey is more interesting vocally but still lacks that X factor in singing. Only the vocal trinity has that. Mariah, Whitney and Celine.

    Sep 29, 2011

    I get what he is saying. He is saying that they arent looking for the next GREAT singer like Celine & Whitnney... leave that to AI... They are lokking for the next GaGa or Beyonce... Simon is corect. If all Perry, GaGa & Beyince did was get on stage and sing people wouldnt go to their shows. These ladies have an X FACTOR that has made them successful.

    Sep 28, 2011

    gaga isnt boring, simons just a grouch and he takes it out on other people

    Sep 28, 2011

    forget gaga and perry... BEYONCE BORING!?!? HAHAHAHA all of what she does on stage and she's boring!?!? yea okay simon. this can't be a true story.

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