Randy Travis Resting at Home After Collapsing at Benefit Concert

September 27, 2011 07:10:47 GMT

Doctors Jeff Beeson and Steve Davis explain that the 'I Told You So' hitmaker 'was overcome by a combination of dehydration, over-the-counter allergy medications, and caffeine use.'

Randy Travis
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Country singer Randy Travis is taking doctors' advice to rest. The "Whisper My Name" hitmaker surprised audience at the Crystal Heart Gala, an annual benefit for the Huguley Memorial Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas last Sunday (September 25) night, when he passed out in the middle of his "Three Wooden Crosses" performance.

"Mr. Travis had been struggling with laryngitis that resulted from chronic allergies and had taken multiple over-the-counter allergy medicines," explained Drs. Jeff Beeson and Steve Davis in a statement to E! News. "During the performance, Mr. Travis was overcome by a combination of dehydration, over-the-counter allergy medications, and caffeine use."

"This, combined with the heat of the stage lights, caused him to pass out," they continued. "Mr. Travis was immediately provided medical care and after regaining consciousness, walked off the stage on his own power. He was evaluated by us in his tour bus. Mr. Travis' vital signs were all stable. Mr. Travis went home to recover. Today he is taking our advice and resting."

On Sunday night, Randy took the stage inside the Renaissance Worthington Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. According to the Burleson Star, the country singer stopped singing in the middle of his performance. Apologizing for the break, he explained, "My vocal chords are giving out on me." Eyewitnesses said he "stumbled sideways with his guitar, and then pitched forward onto the front of the stage" when he tried to sing again.

Despite the incident, Tree Paine, a spokeswoman for Warner Music Nashville, confirmed that Randy is expected to resume his 25th anniversary tour without interruption. The singer's upcoming show will take place at Viking Hall in Bristol, Tennessee this Saturday, October 1.


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posted by ladymom on Sep 28, 2011
Saw and heard a totally different Randy Travis than expected! Very out of it trying to sing for almost 40 min. I think the band speaks for the situation. Should have apologized much earlier in concert if there was a problem!!! Was there, voice and appearance was awful from the beginning.
posted by So! ditto on the abo on Sep 27, 2011
He was intoxicated when he walk on the stage. The best part was the introduction video, it was down hill from there. He looked pitiful!
posted by So also present on Sep 27, 2011
Ditto ,ditto! He was intoxicated when he walked on the stage. The best part was his introduction video. I went down hill from there.
posted by preset on Sep 27, 2011
I was there. He was intoxicated. Nice spin from the spin docs...
posted by also present on Sep 27, 2011
Ditto on the above. He couldn't remember the words to his songs. He mumbled. He squinted his eyes while talking. He talked very slow. It was like he couldn't gather his thoughts. Plus, none of the band members ran to him when he fell face first on the stage. It was as if they knew what was really up.

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