Chris Brown Cleared Off 95 Parking Tickets

Chris Brown

His lawyer revealed last month that the singer had 15,000 dollars in parking tickets at his West Hollywood condominium building.

Chris Brown has just been freed from 95 parking tickets that were issued for him. Los Angeles officials have ruled that the singer only has to pay a fraction of $15,000 in parking citations.

His lawyer Mark Geragos said last month that West Hollywood city officials have dismissed more than $15,000 in parking citations Brown racked up for parking in a handicapped space at his condominium complex because those were the spaces assigned to him. Chris wasn't doing anything wrong by parking there because developer of the building had mistakenly marked his spaces as handicapped.

Although Brown's load is lightened, "22 citations remain open" for other parking offenses, city sources told TMZ.

Brown has completed domestic violence classes assigned to him after the Rihanna case, and will soon complete his community service.



    Sep 09, 2011

    haha that's right baby. They just wanna see you do bad but at the end of the day teambreezy will A L W A Y S have your back. #knowDAT!

    Sep 09, 2011

    wow! $15,000 in parking and your a millionaire what did you do what till the last minute? but I am still #teambreezy LOVE YOU CHRIS :-0

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