LeAnn Rimes Joins Chicago's Homeless Teens in 'Give' Video

LeAnn Rimes Joins Chicago's Homeless Teens in 'Give' Video

The wife of Eddie Cibrian pays an ode to the homeless teens in her new home in Chicago in hopes to raise awareness to help them.

LeAnn Rimes has just made public a music video filmed to support her latest single "Give". The wife of Eddie Cibrian opens the clip by showing statistic number of how many children die young and how many of them are left homeless. In Chicago alone, around 25,000 kids have no home, so it was revealed.

Chicago is the city where LeAnn is living now to be with her husband who is busy filming his new television series "The Playboy Club". "If you want a friend then be one/ A little bit of kindness show some/ You'll be surprised of how much finds its way back home/ It don't matter what it is/ If you want it then give," she sings.

"Give" is the third single from LeAnn's upcoming studio album "Lady and Gentlemen" which is coming out in the United States on September 27.

LeAnn Rimes' "Give" music video

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    Sep 08, 2011

    Her songs sucks..she is ugly as sin inside and out..just is just exploiting these homeless teens..what a douchebag.

    Sep 08, 2011

    So Leann pimped out her stepsons over the weekend just so that she could release a video of her pimping out homeless teens? If she cared anything about those homeless teens, she would be helping them out rather than sitting on twitter tweeting about the expensive gifts she bought herself and then calling up the paps so that they see her dining at expensive places. In fact if she care so much about homeless teens she would be helping them rather than pimping out EC sons so that people can see her exposing her implants to those boys.

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