New Previews Tease the Dramatic Season Finale of 'Torchwood'

September 06, 2011 08:45:41 GMT

Oswald Danes questions whether they will survive 'this', Jack says he's lived long enough, while Gwen is seen pointing her gun to Jack.

New Previews Tease the Dramatic Season Finale of 'Torchwood'
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"Torchwood: Miracle Day" season finale is promised to provide the answers to questions, including "What is The Blessing?" and "Why is Jack's blood so very important?", but that will not be without drama. As seen in new previews for the upcoming episode, some characters such as Gwen and Jack speak in teary eyes, probably for having to make hard decision.

Gwen, at one point, is also seen saying that the day has come for her to kill someone, while at another scene she is featured pointing a gun to Jack. Torchwood team launch a final, desperate mission against the seemingly undefeatable Three Families and they realize it may come down to the ultimate sacrifice.

Jack, looking ready to do anything to save the Earth, says he has lived long enough. Meanwhile, Oswald Danes asks Jack, who admits to coming from the future, if they will survive this situation.

The tenth episode in the fourth chapter of "Torchwood", "The Blood Line" will air Friday, September 9 at 10 P.M. on Starz.


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posted by Cos2mwiz on Sep 06, 2011
It certainly looks like the finale is going to make up for some of the issues I had with this series. Definitely hope STARZ/RTD give us another, with less CIA and more TORCHWOOD...and by TW I mean aliens, and most importantly...JACK.

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