'Toddlers and Tiaras' Exposes 4-Year-Old Wearing Fake Breasts and Butts

'Toddlers and Tiaras' Exposes 4-Year-Old Wearing Fake Breasts and Butts

Mom of Maddy thought it is just 'normal' to them to glamorize things up for the pageant competitions, including strapping silicone breasts to the little girl.

Parents of little pageant girls are getting more obsessed in dressing up their star. As seen in a promo of TLC's "Toddlers & Tiaras", a 4-year-old named Maddy wears not only heavy make-up and hair-do in the competition, but also breasts and butt pads to resemble Dolly Parton.

Her mom Lindsay Jackson put on the same kind of costume that the country singer wore when she walked on the runways of pageants. Linday was later interviewed on "Today" and she explained, "To some people, it's over the top, to us it's just what happens. ...It's just normal. When she wears the fake boobs and the fake butt, it's just like extra bonus."

Stylist Michael Booth asked Maddy whether she liked the boobies padding inside her outfit, and the little girl replied with a nod. He then told her, "I think you're cute and you would be just as cute without those, don't you?" Booth is not a favor of the idea.

In a clip, Maddy's fellow competitor pointed at her fake boobs and asked "What's that?" The tot could not explain it and covered it up. Her mom then told her, "Tell her you're Dolly Parton."

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    Apr 15, 2012

    My you can find me on facebook... Kids need time to simply be kids... Teaching a four year old the need to have breasts and ass to be pretty is wrong by any standard. There is a reason for puberty and 4 yro aint it. She should be learning fingerpainting and mudpies. Not how to wear a bra and boobs and ass and shaking er money maker. The idea of a 4yro worring about diet and do I look fat in this dress is not a healthy way to grow up. Kids grow up way too fast as it is and at 4 your just beginning to enjoy your kids. This is just wrong.

    Kari b.
    Sep 29, 2011

    that's messed up:-(

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