'The Glee Project' Winners Tease a Love Triangle Involving Quinn

August 23, 2011 01:59:16 GMT

Samuel Larsen thinks it makes sense that his character is dating Quinn, but Damian McGinty is also smitten by the blonde beauty.

'The Glee Project' Winners Tease a Love Triangle Involving Quinn
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Quinn is single after breaking up with Finn toward the end of "Glee" season 2, but she has already got some admirers. Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty, who were tied for the champion title of "The Glee Project", have just revealed they are into Dianna Agron's character and ready to fight for her on the show.

"It just makes sense that I would end up with Quinn," Samuel gushes. Claiming that his personality is a kind of what Quinn looks in a guy, he explains, "She's the church girl, she is portrayed like that a lot and she's into the rough kind of dudes. And being that I'd be both, it just makes sense to me."

Damian then chimes in, "But I want her too!" while pretending to punch Samuel. "I love her. I mean look at her. She's gorgeous!" he says while showing a photo featuring him and the Quinn depicter, Dianna, at "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie" premiere. "I guess we are ready to fight," Samuel jokingly replies.

However, Damian admits there will be a problem to make a realistic love story between Quinn and his character. "If they bring me in as a freshman, then her character is three years older. So it would look kind of weird if Quinn took a thing for the baby of the show, which just occurred to me literally 10 seconds ago. It's very upsetting!" he says, before adding, "Maybe my character is somebody that thinks he can shoot above his weight. I could come in thinking I'm Brad Pitt?"

As the winners of "Glee Project" season 1, Samuel and Damian will appear in seven episodes each on "Glee" season 3. Meanwhile, the other top four finalists, Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell, scored two-episode arc.

Talking about how she could be seen on the drama musical series, Lindsay tells E! Online, "I keep getting told, 'You are in the Lea Michele mode. You could be a foil for Rachel.' But at the same time I don't want my character to be that one that comes in and hurts somebody else's feelings. I feel like it would almost be like another Sunshine."

Sharing another idea that is more interesting for her, she says, "Some fans were like, 'Send her to a meth house instead of a crack house.' So maybe I'll be going to a meth house."

As for Alex, he teases that he could portray Mercedes' brother. "Amber [Riley] and I, we are so much alike," he claims. "I took a picture with her and we are so similar. I showed my mom the picture and she's like, 'You look like you are brother and sister.' I don't see it but everybody says, 'You look like you are brother and sister.' So maybe."


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posted by Zee110901 on Nov 07, 2011
Hi my name is Carmela iam a very big fan of glee and glee project I have sawn Damian and Lindsay kiss in glee project i want them to be Girlfriend and Boyfriend in glee season 3 I totally wish that would hapenn and i wish Lindsay is a cheerleader because she looks good in their clothes and Damian would be on football team.
posted by Damrissa4life on Oct 25, 2011
They should let Marissa and Damian date on glee, even if Marissa was taken off the glee proj. im so positive that if Damian and Marissa date on glee season 3 MORE teens would be watching this DEFINITLEY i am so not lying. DAMIAN and MARISSA MUST DATE ON GLEE SEASON 3 please me and my 30 friends all agree i swear to the greek gods above <3
posted by FutureTGPContestant on Aug 24, 2011
I won't be happy with Ryan Murphy until he realizes his DISASTROUS mistake and casts Marissa on Glee. He screwed her over big time. Also, Lindsay sang rings around everyone else in that finale and he didn't do right be her either.
posted by DaughtrySamRox on Aug 23, 2011
A Rocker Gleek (legit) and the Irish Pride S3 gonna be best yet!A Brilliant move by Ryan & def 2 thumbs up!!
posted by siu on Aug 23, 2011
Alex is a guy? Lol. Alex keeps talking about his versatility as an actor & how he is ready to prove that he can play female roles as well as male roles. Fact is, the former requires no effort on his part; the latter is beyond his ability to pull off in a convincing manner.

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